More About Me

I'm 26 years old to be exact. I'm a Libra, and a quite typical one at that. The only thing I've read about Libras that doesn't fit me is that they're supposedly more likely to cater a dinner party than cook for it. I'm a Rat according to the Chinese zodiac. I suppose I'm a bit crafty.

I'm very close to my friends and even closer to parts of my family. It's important to me to have these relationships. And even when things get hard and I make decisions no one likes, they still love me and appreciate having me in their life. The only person I should have a great relationship with but I don't is my brother. That definitely affects my relationships with men, but not as bad as having daddy issues (I hope).

My career is very important to me. My ultimate career goals are up for discussion right now. I'd love to have a clinic, homeless shelter, and scholarship program. But I'm open to whatever else life has to offer. Right now, I'm working in organ and tissue donation for a non-profit and it's very fulfilling work and I may just make a career out of it.

My hobbies include: playing the piano, reading, writing, gardening, yoga, video/computer games, cooking/baking, shopping, travelling, bowling, and trying new things.

I have a life I'm trying to build for myself right now. That's what this blog is dedicated to for now. By the time I turn 30, there are things I want in place in my life. This blog talks about that.

I also have a bucket list of things I've always wanted to do at some point before I die. So there's a page for that as well.
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