Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress Stress

I didn't want to make a bid production of finding bridesmaid dresses. I had my maid of honor and Easy's maid of honor look online for the last month or so. We found a couple of great options.

David's Bridal seemed to be the place to go to in order to fit into a certain price range and style selection. I made an appointment for this past Wednesday and all who could go went.

My maid of honor, Top, lives in NYC, so she wasn't available. But Easy's maid of honor, his sister was available. As were her twin daughters who are our flower girls.

Also available were all my bridesmaids except one. This included Michelle, Camille, and Gloria.
Our two junior bridesmaids were also there to try on dresses. Throw in my mother, Easy's mother and sister, and we have a group of 14 females, only 4 of whom weren't trying on a single dress.

It was so much more fun than you could imagine. I was going around ooh-ing and aah-ing at all the pretty dresses and taking pictures. The flower girls didn't want to take off their "princess dresses".

And then something magical happened.

Somehow, one dress looked good. No not good, great, on every single bridesmaid. And it just so happened that the only 2 who weren't there look good in literally everything they wear.

I was so excited. They didn't have my color swatch match though, so I asked for all the options in purple.

Our coordinator went to get the swatches and we picked this lovely color that looked like a rich purple but photographed kind of blue. That made me super excited because blue is the color I originally wanted.

And then...

Our happy parade came to a screeching halt. She informed us she was mistaken about the dress being available in that color. The only options were a horrific burgundy color and this other dusty de-saturated purple-y shade.

I was immediately ready to leave the store. She apologized too many times and I told her we were going down the street to Eva's Bridal. We will still be getting our flower girls' dresses from there though, since they would coordinate perfectly with my dress.

We went to another store where things only got worse. Suffice it to say, I am still looking for bridesmaid dresses, and I hope to find something soon so I can be past this situation that should be fun.

I thought the stressful part would be dressing so many different body types. But no, the stressful part was something else entirely.

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