Monday, July 4, 2011

Breadsticks and Bothersome Waitresses

First let me say that Easy read yesterday's post about the cute redhead from the Whiffenpoofs and he is indeed judging me. Whatever, he doesn't know my life.

Moving on to today's topic. I went to dinner at Olive Garden with a friend of mine the other day that was very interesting for several reasons.

1. She's the younger sister of the Ex.
Even though he and I haven't spoken to in over 2 years, I have remained friends with some of his family members. I'm like a big sister to her, so we went out to dinner to catch up in person instead of always over the phone.

She and I haven't discussed the Ex in years because he never comes up. I don't care to ask and she doesn't offer any info. She did mention him though. She told me how she had been mad at him for literally years since he and I first broke up in 2008.

She said they had talked about how he regretted letting me go, but how he figured I would never take him back. I wasn't trying to hear that "one who got away" mess. I told her she didn't need to be upset any longer at her brother because I was very happy. And even though she and I were never going to be real sisters, I would always be there for her, just like I've been since the day we met.

She also gave me a heads up that he was moving back to Chicago next year and she was considering becoming roommates with him. That will be interesting because he and I are not going to be friends. I guess I'll just see her everywhere but at her own house, ha ha.

quite the understatement actually

2. Our waitress at Olive Garden was the oddest waitressing waitress I've had possibly ever.

When you think of a bad waitress, you think of being ignored, forced to suffer through a long lull between each meal portion, and possibly having your food spilled on you or an incorrect bill.

That's the opposite of what happened to us. You might think the opposite of those above horrors is a perfect waitress.

But it's not! It's a crazy attentive waitress. I mean CRAZY attentive. That woman must've come by our table to ask if we were okay 40 times in the hour we were there. I am not exaggerating. She was there literally every 1.5 minutes.

Each time she came, she tried to move us on to the next portion of our meals. She would take our food order before our drinks were up. So we had our soup and salad while we had our drinks. That seems like a great idea, but it was just the start of a disturbing trend.

When she brought our soup and salad, she took our food menu. Then she brought us our food before we were done and tried to take our soup and salad. We told her to just leave both.

Five minutes later, she took our dessert order. We were confused why she was ordering it then, but she said she wasn't going to put it right in. 2 table visits later (3 minutes), she brings our dessert.

So we're sitting there with a table full of food, becoming irritated that she's basically shoving us out the door. The manager comes by to see how we're doing and marvels that we chose to have all our food at once. We tell him that's not at all what happened.

Then she comes back to the table to apologize but that she thought we wanted our dessert before we finished our dinner. And our appetizers. She got this look.

And then, she began trying to clear our plates. We wouldn't let her take anything until we had finished. And of course, then she took 10 minutes to bring our check. I paid the bill and we high-tailed it out of there.
I've been to that Olive Garden soo many times over the years, but that was just weird.

3. The weather coming back was like something out of a horror movie.
It was pouring down raining when we left the restaurant. Seriously, there were comically large raindrops. And it was bright sunshine and at least 80 degrees.

When I dropped Melody off back home, the sky was scary looking, but the rain had stopped.

As I drove back home, there were huge lightning bolts that looked like they were 100 feet from the expressway. And right when I exited the expressway, hail started falling. I

There were huge chunks of hail blowing sideways in very strong wind. Then the rain started back up with the comically large raindrops. All while it was still over 80 degrees. But the sun had gone away. While it should still be bright outside, it was suddenly dark as night.

I've never been so glad to get home. That was science fiction movie weather. I blame it on Indiana. Every time myself or a friend goes to Indiana, something freaky or horrible happens. It's a proven (I'm making this up) fact.

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