Sunday, May 9, 2010

Re-Designing My Blog

From the moment I began blogging faithfully, it's bothered me that I have a limited choice of templates for my blog from which to choose. I googled some templates, and finally found one for free that didn't completely suck, but I use that for my blog that isn't public.

I think I may have found my solution! I will have to pay to have someone else design a personalized template just for me. I don't know if her prices are reasonable or lot. But I've spent about an hour going through all her samples and terms & conditions, and I think I'm going to go through it. The question is what colors to use? How fancy should I get it? I don't want my blog to look cluttered, but then again, I want it to look like me. I want to visit other blog pages without coming across my template!

So, in a quest for originality, I am taking a big step into the blogging world. I am paying to have a template that's original. Am I crazy? Possibly, seeing as how I'm not using my blog to hone my writing skills (I'm writing a novel, but I'm not a writer. I'm a scientist). But I'm also a hedonist. And I want a blog that doesn't look like anyone else's.

Also, I need a new title for my blog. I think my title is too general and not very specific to me, you know?

Plus, this woman has skills!

5 New Hypotheses:

Well, it's your blog, it's where you put your thoughts so you kind of have to make it look how YOU want it to look.


Thank you. You're like that friend who doesn't see anything particularly wrong with what her girl is about to do, so supporting it can only be beneficial.

I've placed my order for the template. Now I just need a better title for my blog. One that's more me.


I spent money on a blog redesign and it made me really love to spend time there. I'm writing more and enjoying it. It's kind of silly since I don't make any money out of blog, but I felt like the redesign was well worth it. I worked with Blogs by Sheila if you want a referral. I had a vague "two columns, kind of bicycle themed" idea and she gave me many selections to choose from. Good luck!


I have already found someone to re-design this blog. But I do have two other blogs and I will check out Blogs by Sheila to see if I can use her services for one of my other blogs.


I just googled Blogs by Sheila and I didn't see anything that looked like the web page you suggested. What's the URL?

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