Thursday, July 28, 2011

Music To My Ears

The first vendors we booked were our musicians. Finding the right musician in the right price range can make a bride go crazy. That will not happen to me because I am marrying a musician. Winning!

The day Easy announced our engagement on Facebook, he asked who would play at our wedding for free and several people responded. He was joking, but he definitely took them up on their offer.

Three guys who all play in the same jazz trio each individually offered, so that basically settled the question of what music we'd have for our cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception. Live jazz perfectly fits the mood we're going for with the time of day, passed hors d'oeuvres, and open bar.

We needed ceremony musicians as well. We happened to be heading to an open bar with some friends who (now that I see everything in terms of the wedding) were basically a mixture of wedding guests and groomsmen.

We passed by Bar Louie, which is one of my fave hangs in Chicago. Seated outside was an old friend of Easy's. She happens to be a fantastic violin player (I think. Maybe the viola??), and she's part of a string quartet. Easy told her she should play at our wedding and she readily agreed. Now we had our ceremony music.

While I was wondering about what we'd do for the reception, Easy explained he'd already taken care of it. A friend of his from St. Louis who is a DJ had already agreed to DJ our wedding reception as a wedding gift. A couple of times when we went out in St. Louis, this guy was the DJ, so I know I love what he spins.

It all just seemed to good to be true. A string quartet, a jazz trio, and a DJ all for the price of paying just the string quartet?!? Both my mother and I were thrilled.

Of course we'll be paying everyone something. I've never been one to take advantage of someone's kindness. I am, however, grateful that I will get so much amazing music for my wedding at a really affordable price.

That means more money in the budget for flowers! And I love me some flowers. It's time for musical instrument and flower porn!

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