I had a lot of ideas about the type of romantic life I want, but the basics are that I want to be part of a healthy happy relationship with a full 6/6 scale. I never wanted a cookie cutter relationship and with my fiance Easy, I definitely don't feel like I'm cookie cutter.
A Full 6/6 Scale- I talk about this 6/6 (6 out of 6) scale occasionally, mostly on the blog I write about my friends' love lives. Having all 6 is the ideal and feeling that way every day would be great. I feel like that's where Easy and I are right now in our relationship.

Question #1: Are you genuinely happy?

Question #2: Is the relationship healthy?

Question #3: Are you a better person in this relationship than you would be outside it?

We agree that the other is one of the best things to happen to each of us in a very long time. We just click. And we make each other happy. And we have a healthy relationship (if you ignore the codependent tendencies that are kept in check). I feel happy that I kept focused on what I really wanted instead of some stupid checklist that no man would ever fully fit.

With Easy, I focused on chemistry and building a real foundation of trust, love, and communication. Those three things, plus God have been the foundation of our relationship. So far, so good.
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