Friday, January 8, 2010

Male GU Workshop

We've been doing a workshop to learn about a Male GU check-up. GU stands for Genito-Urinary. We have done a full clinical skills class for everything except GU for men and women. I've just completed the male portion. It was quite the experience. Just like the rest of our clinical workshops, there was a process.

We had a brief orientation where we learned the basics of what was expected of us. Then we were responsible for reviewing the relevant material in Bate's Guide to History Taking and the Physical Exam. Then the very next day, we had a demonstration on the proper way to conduct a genital and prostate exam. I was completely unprepared for my reaction.

First of all, I've seen prostate exams before. I've done preceptorships with doctors who perform them. But it's quite different when someone is doing it slowly for educational purposes. And I was awful close to the proceedings. Like, really close. Really really close. I was taken aback and slightly embarrassed. I still don't know why. I really hope I don't have that same reaction when we do the females. Because that would be my first indication that I really might want to look into something else besides Obstetrics/Gynecology. Because right now I know for sure that I should never be a Urologist and maybe not even in Family Medicine.

I really can't figure out my reaction. For the workshop where we had to perform the exam (multiple times on different men), I was so incredibly nervous. I literally needed more oxygen; I couldn't breathe very well. My heart was beating so fast. I had to leave the room and go to the bathroom. But once I got to the exam, I did it very well. My father swears I'm going to have horrible bedside manner (I'm pretty sure he's joking), but every time I have to deal with a patient, things always go so well. At least so far. But that nervousness was there. And each time we switched to a new person, the nervousness came back.

I got through it somehow, and I feel better knowing I am more proficient at clinical skills, but the Male GU exam will not be a part of my practice of medicine as an actual physician.

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