Monday, August 1, 2011

My Mansion For A Day

If you still read my now completely wedding-centric blog, you may be asking yourself what's so fantastic about the Patrick C. Haley Mansion that I could be on the edge of giddiness at the thought of having my wedding there.

Well, I finally unloaded all the pictures from my camera so I can shower you with a barrage of loveliness to help you understand just why I am happy. I am writing the post ahead of time, and God willing, the contract will be signed with the Mansion by the time this post publishes.

So without further ado...

When you first walk up, you think, what a lovely looking mansion. Gosh, I hope those steps aren't slippery.

This is what it looks like when you first walk in to the ballroom. Stairs leading down to tables, chandeliers, and a garden through the windows. Cue contented sighs.

Even if you don't drink, how can you not be enthralled by the beauty and sophistication of this bar. That would be open. For the entire wedding. Open. The whole time. I'm just saying.

This is the front of the ballroom, where the ceremony would take place indoors. See the skylight? See the garden through the endless windows? Yeah, that's hot.

Then, turn to look at the ballroom from up front where the ceremony would be held. Gosh, it's lovely. And look at the head table, all made up. Don't you simply have to take a closer look?

This almost makes me want to have a real head table. Almost. But there's just too many of us. But the chair covers are amazing, as is the silver and gold on the tableware. Begin to drool, and not over the food.

Say, you're getting married in February. Are you really considering sneaking outdoors for a few *hopefully* in-the-snow photos? After seeing this, yeah, you are.

You hear about all the lovely spaces around the mansion upstairs to explore before the ceremony and during cocktail hour. You imagine people mingling. You also imagine one of your feistier friends sneaking up here during the reception...

Oooh, more to explore? All those chairs are included? Winning!

There's a third floor?? What's up there? Suites for the wedding party! Is it just me or does this room look like an upscale barber shop/cigar club? I have been envisioning photos of Easy getting ready in this room since I first laid eyes on it.

After seeing the guys' room, I waited with bated breath to see the bride's room. And it is ah-mazing! Perfectly round, bright windows, lots o' floor space to accommodate my ridiculously large number of bridesmaids. Good times. You don't even see the abundance of mirrors in this photo.

Eventually, the tour is over. On the way out, this is a last look at the ballroom from the outside. Yup, there's a fountain there too. I hope they put twinkle lights on it in the winter...
 So.... do you get it? Do you see why this place is perfect for me? Every time I envision my wedding, I see it as a big party for lots of people Easy and I love. The party is fancy, cause that's how I roll, but it's also in a setting that speaks to my love for beauty and nature.

The hands-on service they provide isn't half bad either. The one thing I couldn't show through the photos is the smell of the food they were cooking the day I took all these pics. It smelled amazing! I can't wait for the tasting.

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