Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You're Such A Tool, But Yet I Love You

I have two major tools in my life. One is my super sexy wedding binder from russel+hazel.

The other is our wedding website.

I don't know what I would do without these two tools. I love them wholeheartedly.

I carried my wedding binder around with me everywhere I went. Somewhere between coming to terms with our old wedding venue and some bridesmaid-dress related stress, I stopped carrying it.

It sat by the door, ready to be carried along every time I left the house. Instead, I would glower at it as I walked past. It just sat there in it's adorable carrying bag I bought at Staples.

I paid more attention to the website. But I really focused my attention on the part people would see (such as the screen shot above). Well, that and the guest list.

The guest list caused me no small amount of grief. Getting the list whittled down, tracking down addresses, and getting them all into the website was a very involved project.

But then the clouds parted. I saw on the website a very easy format to put the guest list info into that would make it very easy to upload into the computer. I'm a hgue fan of putting in a lot of work on the front in to never have to do it again.

Once that happened, things got better. Suddenly, my fiance Easy and his mother were able to track down their addresses. My parents became a big help in getting our Save-the-Dates out.

And then the best thing ever happened: we changed our wedding venue back to the place I'd been secretly pining for since we first saw it.

This actually looks a lot like a Justin Alexander ad with my exact dress on weddingwire. I couldn't get the ad to come up of course, so no screenshot. Sorry.
Oh, but I did go to the Justin Alexander website and I found it. I'm hesitant to post it because Easy still hasn't seen my dress. If he promises not to look, I'll post it. You promise not to peek, Easy? Okay, everyone else scroll down and you'll see it.

I knew you'd look! That's why I didn't put up the ad. Perhaps eventually I will show it, cause I really love the ad and I'm going to save it as an inspirational picture for my photographer for the day of the wedding.

Moving on. Being the reasonable person I try to pretend I am from time to time, I never outright said I wanted that venue and no others. But when it finally happened, I felt a weight lifted. I didn't even know that weight was there, but I sure as hell noticed when it was gone.

Monday, on my way out the door, I stopped and picked up my wedding binder and bag. I took it with me to work. I even cracked it open at work and began filling in the stuff I'd neglected for 2 months. I took out stuff I didn't need anymore.

Besides all the work I do at work, I felt very productive wedding-wise. It's amazing to come out of doldrums you didn't even know you were in. I knew I felt some kind of way about my wedding binder, but I didn't know just how bad it was until I didn't feel that way anymore.

And now I love all my wedding tools again. Checklists, guest lists, and menus, oh my!

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