Thursday, August 4, 2011

The New Buzz In My Life

Hey y'all, I've got great news! This news comes with good news. Also, depending on how you take it, there is other news. Weddingbee accepted my application to become a blogger!!!

I've chosen the icon of Kettle, so by all means head over there and become engrossed in all things wedding. That's the good news.

The depending-on-how-you-take-it news is that I will not be blogging about my wedding planning process nearly as much on this blog. I will, finally, get back to talking about the rest of my life.

With my work shifts and all the wedding planning, there's not a whole lot of other life stuff going on, but it does happen. I'm just glad my obsessiveness paid off.

For any readers I have that could care less about my wedding planning, this is a great development. For those who do care, I'll put a link right at the top of the page on my blog so you can find my Weddingbee blog.

The next post that goes up will be my welcome post for Weddingbee. After that, it'll be regular CeCe. I promise I won't start calling myself Miss Kettle here.

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