Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clubbing In Chicago On A Wednesday Night

If you want bars, lounges, or pubs, Chicago is chock full of interesting places where you're guaranteed to have a good time. But as far as a true club, the options are limited. Especially on a Wednesday night. But my friends and I wanted to go out dancing last night, so we had to find a club.

Sound Bar is the solution to that problem. Last night, they had a promotion going where you got in free from 10-12. And it was open bar until 11:30. Well, not exactly open bar, we got four drink tickets each. But that was more than enough to get us all pretty tipsy by 11:15. And then we had two more shots after that, and they were only $5 each. For Chicago bar prices, that's amazing!

We got there about 10:30, which is waaaay early for any club. But the friends I was with are so much fun, it didn't matter. While other people were drinking liquid courage before they got on the dance floor, my friends and I were dancing on the dance floor. The DJ was pretty good. I can only think of about 4 songs he played where we like WTF. But that was good because it gave us time to refresh our drinks. We danced literally from 10:30 to 2:00 am. Then we left because it was the responsible thing to do, some people had to work in the morning. When we left it was super packed downstairs The club usually has two levels open and several rooms, but on Wednesday night, there's only the downstairs open. The club doesn't close until 4 am though.

I did have an especially fun moment when it was still early. I went to ask the security guy if it was okay if I danced on the round block in the middle of the floor. He helped me up there and I danced for a couple of songs. Then I had to get down because I was tipsy, in 5 inch heels, and more and more people were coming into the club. Later, the go-go dancer was up there. I was really glad I wasn't thinking about staying up there when more people were in the club. Those guys were a little to close to her. Some even stuck money in her tiny tiny short/panties (whatever she was wearing). I've never seen that before. But I guess that's how they get down.

So, if you're looking to club on a Wednesday and you can make your own fun my dancing without people pressing in from all sides, this is the Chicago spot for you.

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