Friday, July 9, 2010

Friends & Family Fridays: A Long-Time Friends Is Becoming A Close Friend

***So this is Friends & Family Friday!! This is my day to talk more about my friends and family (aside from sharing waaay too much about their love lives on my other blog). My friends and family are lovely people, that much I know for sure. Have fun getting to know them through my eyes.***

This post is about a friend of mine I grew up with. My family moved into our house in 1990. She and her older sister lived next door to me. We grew up together with pretty strict parents, so we pretty much had just the three of us to play with. We learned to ride bikes, jump rope, and got into mischief together.

As we grew up, we were always cool, but never really close. Part of it is the age gap. We are almost exactly three years apart. Not a big deal when you're small children, or when you're adults, but in the in-between teenage years, it feels like a lot.

Since I've been out of medical school, we've been hanging out more. I've reconnected with my whole group of girls from church I hung out with during my teenage years, but this girl more in particular. We'll call her Michelle in my blogs. But she is my girl now! And she's one of the only people I hang out with on a regular basis that I could truly bring around any of my friends and know she would be cool. That's a huge bonus in my book.

She is the only person I can see myself living with. About the time I should have the money to move out of my parents' house will be right when she graduates from college. I know I'm going to need a roommate, but Michelle is about the only one I think I could tolerate for a year or more. We're the same in a lot of ways and we always have fun together. I've been looking for real adult friends who live near me who I can just chill with. Looks like Michelle is a viable option. It's good to have friends for a long time, but it's also a good idea to take a second look to see if there can be more to a casual friendship.

2 New Hypotheses:

Perhaps you should have a trial with living with her for a short period before signing a lease or something like that. In my past experience, friends are great as friends, but you see a whole different side of them when they become your roommate.


A trial isn't a bad idea. I am the only person I know who has the atypical roommate experience though. Whenever I've lived with friends, it's been the most amazing time. Whenever I live with acquaintances or strangers, it always ends poorly. It's in my best interest to live with a friend. I've had 12 different roommates over the years, I feel pretty confident about my assumpotions.

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