Thursday, July 15, 2010

TMI Thursday Is No More...

...At least for a while. I can't think of anything to write about. But I did want to write about something since I've been MIA all week. I figured I'd explain what I've been doing all week. Last weekend, I went to St. Louis again, quite unexpectedly. I'd forgotten I volunteered to be a chaperon for a trip the Jr. Ushers and the Children's Church were taking. I'm a supervisor for the Ushers and a volunteer at the Children's Church, so I had to go. My parents went to New York last weekend to see Denzel Washington in August Wilson's Fences. They left Friday. Before they left we had a conversation something like this:

Mom/Dad: Okay, we're about to head to the airport.

Me: Are you sure you don't want me to drive you? It's really no problem. I have no pressing issues I can't set aside to come back and get you on Sunday.

Mom/Dad: Aren't you going to St. Louis? They won't be back until Monday afternoon, so that won't work.

pause for realization I made a commitment a few weeks ago and then promptly forgot it

Me: ... Of course I'm going to St. Louis. But you know how they are. I just know where to show up to leave (I didn't know), but I don't know any other details. I thought we were coming back Sunday (I thought no such thing).

Mom/Dad: Nah, I'm pretty sure it's Monday. You should call and check to be sure. It's no problem, we'll just drive ourselves.

Me: Okay... I could totally ask one of my friends to pick you up cause I know your son isn't even an option. Let's not ask him. He's not a truly committed member of this family.

Mom/Dad: Really, CeCe (that's not what they call me. I will NEVER tell the blogosphere what my parents call me)? It's only two days. We can pay to park for two days.

Me: Fine, fine. I can't stop you from wasting your money. O'Hare does not have free parking. But that's fine.


As soon as they left, I rushed to find out more details about this trip I'd have to be ready for in 24 hours. Ever signed up for something and forgot about it immediately after? What kind of scramble was done to be ready? I just had to go shopping for Ushering-at-church appropriate clothing, not so bad.

I'm imagining someone out there forgot they had to bake 100+ cupcakes for a bake sale for their children or something.

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