Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working On My Hobbies Wednesday: Putting My Green Thumb to Use

***I have some hobbies I'd like to get better acquainted with. I have some hobbies I'm interested in taking up. This day's post is dedicated to the adventure of developing hobbies so I stay a well-rounded person. What hobbies do you engage in?***

This week's post is about gardening. My father and I are working on the back yard of my parents' house. It's very hard work because we're basically taking everything that's back there out and starting completely over.

We've literally had to call people in to haul away 4 cubic yards of soil. I don't know if you know how much that is, but it's a lot. A damn lot. And it cost us $200 to do it. But we have a plan, and if we stick to the plan, our backyard will be beautiful.

I definitely got my green thumb from my father and he got it from his mother. My mom and my brother help us out too, but it's mostly me helping my dad. I convinced him that this endless job (we've been working on it since April) needed some point of accomplishment to feel like a checkpoint of sorts. He finally agreed and we bought mulch to finish the plants area at the front corner. We marked out the curved edge of the area and laid down the mulch. It looks awesome!

Well... it looks awesome if you ignore the bricks needed to hold back the mountain of dirt always building to the west of it. And the old garden parts strewn against garage to the south of it. And the incompletely-planted annual bed to the north of it. And it cracked and soon-to-be-replaced concrete walkway to the north of it.

So you see why I'm not putting up pictures... yet. But to stand there and look at what's going on so far give me a sense of accomplishment. And that's something I could really use in my life these days. What hobbies do you have that get your hands dirty?

3 New Hypotheses:

I love gardening! (When the weather is good...) I planted lettuce this year, and we had the first crop the other night. Great to eat something you've grown from a seed!


Once in awhile I'll general, I really dislike the feeling of having dirty hands. Maybe a touch of OCD?


@Kirsty: I totally know what you mean! And so does my mother. She's been chomping at the bit for my father and I to finish the backyard so she can get her garden going. That garden is supposed to be in the northwest corner, which is where we'll finish. Maybe we should've started there...

@SilverNeurotic: Lol, hopefully not OCD. IF you were, you couldn't even bake. There is something to getting your hands all doughy to make a great pie or biscuits.

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