Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reading Blogs

Yup, I'm writing a blog about blogging. It's become my new way to keep sane. Last fall, it was ballroom dancing. Last winter, it was hula dancing. I definitely have some interesting ways to stay sane with the schedule I have and the obligations I have.
I like blogging. It takes a lot more time on my computer (I follow a number of blogs in addition to writing my own). If I can reconcile my new sedentary hobby with my need to not feel like a couch potato, then this is a wonderful new addition to my life.
My blog doesn't have a true direction except for being about whatever is most pressing on my mind at the moment I'm writing.
The blogs I read vary as well. I am very very into politics. I try not to write too much about it because it will eventualy sound like a one note song. But, I do know that I love love love reading blogs that are about politics. I'm such a liberal and I love snarky wit, so the Rude Pundit is one of my aboslute favorite blogs. I've been following it for over a year.
Then there are the blogs that are similar to my own. The blogs that are written by 20-something women who are commenting on the happenings in their lives are of great interest to me. I like seeing that someone is going through life experiences that are so similar to mine in so many ways.
Then there are the things I read that don't fall into the category of blogs I follow. I love reading fmylife.com and textsfromlastnight.com. I also love reading about soap operas online. My particular faves are All My Children and One Life to Live. There are weekly commentaries that I look forward to all the time.
Whatever I'm reading, it certainly helps me stay sane. They offer an escape from my life, in a way that feels real (except for the soap operas) because they're about real people and real events. So thank you blogosphere for keeping me sane!

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