Sunday, March 14, 2010

Repeating Mistakes

One of the benefits of being so young is that I get to learn things the hard way. And for some reason, I think that gives me license to make what I'm not actually sure are mistakes over and over until I get a different result. I figure I don't have to accept I won't get a different result until I'm 30.

The particular mistake I have just made is doing girlfriend-type things for a man whose girlfriend I am not. In fact, it's such a similar mistake, I'm almost ashamed of myself. It's almost and not definitely because I truly hope, and 20% expect to get a different result this time.

Most women I know who I consider smart all agree that behaving as if you are someone's girlfriend when you are not will never end well. I give that advice, but I've never been good at taking it.

For self-preservation purchases, I'll keep to myself the most of what I've done, except to say it involves the purchase of a Disney DVD. For anyone who has purchased Disney DVDs, you may understand the gravity of what I've done. Those things are only available for sale for a short time. Then they go back into "the vault" and aren't available for purchase anymore. I, for some reason, attract men who like Disney DVDs, but are unimpressed by the purchase deadline. That's where I come in. And I really hope that I haven't made the same mistake yet again.

I'm hoping he won't cite this as evidence that I'm being too relationship-y. I'm really hoping.

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