Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water Supply

I have, over the years, heard a lot about water. The latest is actually related to the healthcare reform debate. The attorneys general who have filed suit against the new law say that one can't be told what to buy by the government. It is the center of the case. Yet, the article I've linked to shows that it is very possible for the government to force the people to buy things if it is in the best interest of the people on whole.

These people are not allowed to use their well water, but have to purchase the municipal water. Even if they would prefer to buy all their water in bottle form (even for bathing), that's still not allowed.

Can you imagine, if someone wanted to use all their water from bottled water. How would that work? Would they make all the drinking water Fiji, all the cooking water Evian, all the cleaning water Aquafina, and all the bathing water generic brand? Would that even matter? How much waste would that produce in the form of plastic bottles? It's very impractical to be sure.

I wonder how many people have had the argument about whether water has a taste. I don't know if water itself has a taste, I don't believe I've ever had water with nothing else in it. I don't mean Crystal Light, I mean without chlorine or magnesium, or salt. There are all types of metals and minerals floating around in the water. I know I don't like spring water, it tastes like it probably has microscopic particles of soil floating all through it, yuck.

But, having grown up in Chicago, gone to college in Florida, and now living in Rockford, I know what it means to appreciate your water supply. The difference in the quality of the water source and the purification process is really something. And it's not just about drinking water. It's also about bathing water. I take a lot of pride in my skin and how it is to touch, and there's always an adjustment period when I move to a new area because the water is always very different. Chicago's water is wonderfully soft on the skin and palatable to the tongue. Florida is neither. Rockford tastes okay, but doesn't feel very good. Without Dove, I would be in a bad place.

The Summary: water is not only a sustainer of life and cleanliness, it's also capable of breaking apart the fundamental argument against healthcare. Go water!

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