Saturday, August 7, 2010

I've Had Quite The Summer And Gosh-Darnit, I'm Going To Blog About It

I've been so busy that I have barely had time to blog. I've barely had time to do much of anything. Main things I've done this summer: 1. met a great guy, 2. moved from Rockford to Chicago, 3. strengthened some important friendships, 4. learned more about who I want to be as an adult.

I'm going to talk about each of those things in four upcoming blogs. I'm doing it in spite of the schedule I've blogged myself into. Even on days I'm not so busy, I think, "it's Science and Medicine Monday and so I don't wanna blog because I want to talk about men, or sex, or my friends, but there's no room for that on Monday." So screw my self-imposed rules (more about that in post 4). I'm going to blog about what I want.

I thought I wanted more structure to my blog. I say the hell with that (for now). What I want is to be able to write about whatever comes to mind. This blog was started as an outlet for me to talk about becoming a full-blown adult and embracing life. It's just not natural for me to put these limitations on myself. On Fridays I only talk about family and friends. Not anymore. Anyone who knows me knows how random I am. It's time for my blog to not only reflect who I'd like to become, but also who I am now.

And if I happen to have a great news story on a Sunday, or a great medical story on a Monday, or a great family story on a Friday, well then I'll talk about it then. But for now, I'm doing away with the self-imposed rules. Go me.

3 New Hypotheses:

I learned awhile back that the number one rule to to have no rules.


I've been happily blogging for nearly two years with very little in the way of a schedule. I have a pretty varied mixture of things on my blog - sometimes one thing dominates, sometimes another. And that's okay :)


@SilverNeurotic: I'm glad that rule worked for you. Let's see how well it works for me.

@Rachel Cotterill: I like the variation of your blog. Hopefully mine will be enjoyable without the rules I had before.

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