Monday, August 9, 2010

Topic #1: I Met A Great Guy

I wrote a post recently about my summer. I have a 4-topic series about the highlights of the summer. You can read the post that leads to these four posts here.

So, about this great guy. He's a Cancer, which terrifies me. This isn't based on something I read in a zodiac book. This is based on life experience. Most of my close friends are Cancers and Libras. Cancers and Libras do not do well with romantic relationships. There is always always a horrific crash and burn. It has never not happened. This guy needs a name, we'll call him Easy.

I met Easy at a wedding fourth of July weekend. We hit it off at the reception and started hanging out. He's so different from PT. He perfectly fits the problem I've been frustrated about with men recently: He's four months out of a five year relationship. And yet I find him to be completely wonderful. Yeah, those are the basic facts.

I love spending time with him. There's just something about him that's so fun and so awesome that I can't help myself. I could be around him all day. I know this for a fact. I've been around him for an entire day. He will invite me over for an early lunch and come up with activities that last us for 15 hours.

The thing about this guy that stands out to me is that when compared to PT, he will never live up to my parents' expectations. He's a teacher but PT is a principal. I feel so frustrated by that fact. And it leads me to feel feelings of resentment toward my parents because it's a recurring theme with them and me. I think way too much about how they'll feel about something. I'm really kind of over that.

To compare PT and Easy in my head shows a stark contrast. PT is the guy who's great on paper, like and investment property in a great neighborhood. Given the right circumstances, you could fall in love with the property and never move. But Easy is like the vacation home that you intend to just go to and have fun, and next thing you know you've decided to pack up and make the vacation home your permanent home.

I wish I could explain it. But the newly married couple whose wedding we met at can see it. There's something special there. Something that I had almost forgotten could exist.

There's just one problem. Well there's more than one problem. PT is still in the picture. I don't know what to do with him. Also, Easy just got a job in St. Louis that starts next week. He'll be teaching there, so he'll be there at least until June. I feel lots of negative feelings toward the idea of having a long-distance anything. I don't want that obligation and emotional commitment of a relationship with a person who lives somewhere else, which also happens to be where his very recent ex lives.

I seriously need to re-assess how I keep ending up in these situations. But for now, I'll enjoy the tiny bit of time I have left to hang out with Easy. I can worry about PT next week.

2 New Hypotheses:

I tend to find myself in love with the "wrong" guys too, mainly that live far away. Currently I have a "thing" going on with a guy I had dated briefly in NY-who lives five hours away. Neither one of us wants to be a LDR but we still talk a lot and there definitely is still feelings between us.


I know how you feel. And when you have these "involvements" with people, it keeps you from being truly open to someone who might be better for you. It's such a difficult situation to be in.

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