Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Topic #2: I Moved From Rockford To Chicago

I wrote a post recently about my summer. I have a 4-topic series about the highlights of the summer. You can read the post that leads to these four posts here. You can read Topic #1 here.

I've been talking on this blog about me making the decision to withdraw from medical school. I had a plan for what I wanted to do next: clinical research or laboratory research. I've gone to job fairs and have been applying endlessly online. I've asked people if they know who's hiring. It's been quite the journey to my current situation of frustrating joblessness. I knew this could happen. I left school in the middle of a recession. I knew the risk I was taking. So I can deal with it.

One other aspect of leaving school and looking for work is there was no need for me to be in Rockford any longer. I didn't like it there. It taught me something about myself. I can live in a big city or a small (college) town, but I cannot live in a small city. Rockford had a real downtown that hardly ever had anything going on. The nightlife was reasonable, but didn't have the energy that a college town provides. I was so happy at the prospect of getting out of there.

Since I haven't gotten a job, I don't have the means to live alone, so I've moved back into my parents' place. I had to organize a whole moving day to get out of there. I have a lot of stuff, so it was a big trip. Luckily my friends, Sonny, Cher, Michelle, and another friend from church who hasn't been given a name yet in this blog.

So my parents, friends, and I got all my stuff from Rockford to a Public Storage spot outside the city. I pray to God my stuff sits there no longer than a year. I'd love it if I had a job a money saved up to get a place just in time for Michelle to graduate from college so we can get a place together. Melody mentioned yesterday that she and I should get a place together. She'd be an interesting third roommate for Michelle and I because she's still in school. But it may not be the best thing because she is the Ex's little sister. And if he comes to visit her, that would mean he'd need to go to her house, which would be my house. That shit is not okay. But it's an idea. I'm excited to see where I'll be a year from now and who I'll be living with. Let's face it, even though I'd love to live alone, it's really not an option if I want to stay in Chicago.

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