Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

1. I'm in my church's bowling league. The team I'm on is filled with people I've known for years and genuinely like and whose company I enjoy. Bowling is something I've always wanted to do consistently, so I'm glad that at least for now, I can count it as an official hobby. Also, I know for sure I have something to do Friday nights. The league bowls every Friday (not including holidays) for 35 weeks.

2. I'm reading lots of books on my Kindle. Because I have a Kindle, and not an e-Reader or nook, I'm able to get books for Amazon's dirt cheap prices. How dirt cheap? Free.ninety.nine (thanks Kanye for making that bullshit term part of my vocabulary). I finally decided I'm going to force myself to read Jane Austen's novels, in the order they were published, not written. They are considered classics, and I feel I should be able to say I've read them. Most of the people I know who love Jane Austen are not the kind of people I look at and think, boy I'm just like them. So, I figured I'd have to force myself through it, like with the Scarlett Letter. The Scarlett Letter, which I'm still not done reading, is written in impossible language, and kind of dull considering the subject matter. But Sense and Sensibility is simply fantastic! I'm really enjoying reading it and can't wait to move on to the next one. I am, of course, assuming the next one will be even better. Seriously, who would've though Willoughby would have an illegitimate child!

3. Thinking about the end of next May. In my mind, by that time, I will have a job, have saved some money, and will be looking at apartments with Michelle. She graduates from college int he beginning of May. I figure that month will be spent apartment hunting. We'll want to live close to where ever we work, but not to far from the church. The church is a good point to aim for because both our families, and a good number of our friends live near our church. We talk about living together occasionally and that makes me happy because it references a time in the future when I can freely assume things will be better. For instance, we'll be driving down the street in her car or mine and we'll see a For Rent sign. We always have a critique. They include: Nope, I can't do window air conditioning, I need central air. Hey, I like that place... soooo many windows! Oh hell no, there's no way I'd want to live on this busy ass street. It just makes me happy to focus on the future while putting in the work today to get there.

4. Talking to Easy. While he gets settled into life in St. Louis and all that brings, he still reaches out to me. When all my concerns about the inevitable Cancer/Libra crash and burn arise, he tamps them down. I don't think he realizes how much I like him. That's probably because I haven't told him I've lost me desire to date other people. I also haven't told him I want to continue to be involved with him even though he's in another state. In spite of all this, we still have been talking so frequently. I think today is the first day I haven't spoken to him since it was completely settled that he didn't get the job in Chicago that might've prevented him having to move. I didn't want to bother him on a Friday. It was his first Friday in town. I figured he'd either be catching up on missed sleep from the week or getting ready to go out and enjoy the city night life. I imagine he probably thought to not bother me on a Friday. His assumption was probably that I might have a date. Well, if he ever lets me know he likes my plan of us being rebels and making our own rules, I'll gladly fill him in on all he doesn't yet know. But until then, I'll just enjoy the times we talk. Because he's so funny, and sweet, and he makes me feel beautiful inside and out. Those are all very happy feelings indeed.

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