Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Do Not Care About Wedding Invitations

I read a lot of wedding blogs. I've been doing this since Easy and I first decided on a specific time frame for engagement and marriage. I have been reading for inspiration, for entertainment, and also to pin down exactly what I might want for my own wedding. Something interesting happened in my readings. I not only discovered what I really really wanted (like a dress that's not white), I also discovered the things I definitely couldn't care less about, like wedding invitations.

I mean literally the piece of paper that lets people know the when, where, what, etc. of a wedding. I just don't care. With all of my voracious consuming of wedding blogs, it's quite clear to me that the invitations, and save-the-dates, and place cards, etc. are very low on my list of worries and priorities for planning a wedding.

The ones that have been sent to my parents' house in the last couple of years have been split into two categories: visually appealing and God-awful. I just want something that looks classy and simple, clear cut and precise. I don't want the invitations to chart out the depth of our particular wedding theme.

The perfect solution to my wedding invitation indifference is to make it DIY. I cannot justify spending a ton of money for a fancy invitation that will not mean a thing to me (at least I don't think). Finding a great online invitation, personalizing it, and printing it out on a home computer sounds perfect.

It's actually right up my alley in terms of skill set. I make designs for things all the time. I've done Sunday School brochures for my mom, Youth Department brochures for my church, album covers for Easy's demo. I specialize in simple, clean, and precise. I could totally design our invites and keep them simple and classy and get them done for the price of an online template and printer ink.

As long as Easy likes the idea, this is definitely what we'll be doing. I'm also excited because it's officially my first DIY project. Seeing as how we want a short engagement, the invites (or at least some save-the-dates) would have to go out almost immediately after he puts a ring on my finger. I'm just glad I found a way to make invites more exciting for me. They have to be done. I might as well enjoy it.

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