Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just One Of Those Days

Wednesday was a day I'd like to not repeat too often. I only got one good thing accomplished today. But, bad news first.

I went to sleep last night because I was super tired and I couldn't stay up. Then I woke up at 6 am or so without having had a full night's rest. I figured this was a good thing because then I could get up for a few hours and then head to work and not be up for 20 hours like I was doing the first few days I worked.

That didn't go as planned. I got up and made breakfast, and just as I was settling back into the bed to chat with Easy while he was getting ready for work, my father comes into my room to ask me to take my mother to the emergency room.

I had already told her the night before that she should go to the ER because she was having acute stomach pain. She didn't listen to me. And now that it was time for me to get some sleep, now was the time to go. My father couldn't take her because he had to go to work. Her brother couldn't take her because he had to go to work. My brother couldn't take her because he's a lazy so-and-so. So, it was me.

My mother can't go to the emergency room without permission from her doctor. If her arm is about to fall off, she can go. But her arm wasn't about to fall off. We spent the rest of the time I should have been sleeping trying to track down the doctor on call for my mother's doctor, who was out of town (again).

Long story short, around 3:45, we still hadn't heard back from her doctor person, and I was running out of time. We had to decide whether or not to just take her to the emergency room for her pain that still hadn't gone away. Where was my brother in all of this? Chilling in his room! Freaking relaxing! It must be nice to be him.

So, I got no sleep, and I couldn't get into the shower to head to work until my brother got out of work. His defense for going before me? He had to be at work at 7. My mother informed him that I also had to be at work at 7, but I had to drive over an hour. I didn't have the heart to tell her I had to be there at 5 and was already late because of her ER situation.

So I finally headed off to work with one resolve: I no longer cared about how my parents felt about Easy and I moving in together. I needed out of that house. It's not fair that I'm the one who gets leaned on in these situations when there are other (albeit it less responsible) alternatives. If I were living in my apartment up north, they would have (and could have) worked it out without me.

And because I was late to work, I missed half of a mandatory training session. And because I missed it, I won't get credit for the part I did attend. And they only do that training once a year. I am on record for missing that training. That would not have happened if I lived elsewhere.

After not getting enough sleep last week because my brother can't be quiet during the day and having to choose between family and work this week, I'm more convinced than ever that I need to move. I need to move ASAP.

And if I'm moving and Easy is moving, it makes no sense for both of us to get 6 months leases, only to try and find 6 month leases again to move into together after we're officially married, and then figure out how to get to NYC if that's where we go next. That's a lot of moving and a big waste of money. My parents' won't like it, but that knowledge is undeniable.

The silver lining? Easy and I agreed on our plan of attack to officially announce this decision to move in together. We agreed on the reasoning and we agreed that we are going to wait until after I have a ring on my finger. And the exciting news is, Easy still says we'll be aiming to move into a new place by July. I added up those pieces of information, and I'm super excited. Did I mention that hardly anyone in my life is subtle?

I apologize if this post isn't completely coherent. I'm so sleepy, and the coffee is only keeping my eyes open, but not really keeping my brain functioning at its highest. And I'm spending my break at work blogging instead of napping or jogging around the block or something to wake me up. One of these days I'll figure it out.

2 New Hypotheses:

I hope that your mom is okay. That's scary stuff to have a parent sick.

If I were you, I would stop putting up with that crap from your brother. If I was in your position, I would have gone into his room, and LITERALLY dragged him out of there and made him take responsibility.


That's an interesting thought. I can't even imagine doing that. He got to be so responsibility free by years of careful planning. One day of dragging wouldn't fix it I'm sure.

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