Saturday, May 21, 2011

Plans for My New Life With An Income

This job I have is my first "real" job. That means a steady paycheck, 40 hours of work per week, benefits, pension plan, everything. But the most important part for an unmarried, childless, mortgage-less woman in her 20s are all the fabulous things I get to do with my income.

They are: my own place, student loans, spa appointments, varied workout schedule, live performances, great gifts, and saving for the future.

My Own Place
I moved back in with my parents when I decided to leave medical school. That was fine because I hang out with them all the time and they treat me like I'm an adult. It mostly sucks because I don't have my own space outside of a bedroom anymore. Also, I felt like such a loser that the most I could contribute to the household was occasionally making dinner.

Student Loans
I will be re-negotiating my payments to match my salary and making those payments all by myself. Any help from the family will be voluntary and not essential to preserving my financial future.

Spa Appointments
Eyebrow waxing, Brazilian, massage, facial, mani-pedi. Need I say more?

Varied Workout Schedule
I have been dying to have a varied schedule, but I've never been able to afford it. Ideally, I'd like to go running at least 3 times a week (free! score!). Also, I'd like to go back to ballroom dancing, back to yoga, and back to rock climbing. If I could do one of those three things 5-6 days a week, I would have the perfect (for me, I know I don't represent the masses) workout schedule.

Live Performances
I love live music, theater, dance performance, hell even spoken word ("the suuuun in the skyyyy" or something like that). And I can finally afford to go to some shows. Not all. Alicia Keys, you cost too damn much. But Janet, I'll pay to go see. I'll just have to budget.

Great Gifts
I think about the perfect gifts for people all the time. For instance, a good friend of mine has a birthday on the 19th, but I didn't get her anything. When I get paid, I will get her a Magic Bullet. It's the perfect gift for her to make smoothies. Perverts. But I can finally do more than bargain hunt on to get people the gifts I know they'd love.

Saving For The Future
I have to be realistic though about the future. My wants sound extensive, but since it will be just me (and Easy, but no kids! Yet.), they aren't extensive enough to keep me from really putting away some savings for whatever step comes next. I have to focus on my needs, and I needs to save money.

I hope I'm not over-planning, but I'm just so excited, as if that weren't super obvious.

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