Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Mom Beating Me To The Punch

Yesterday, I posted about the differences Easy and I have in tastes for setting up an apartment. This led me to thoughts about my parents' and their sure-to-be-bad reaction to us living together before we're married.

Aside from leaving medical school and a few other big mistakes over the years, I generally agonize over the thought of doing something my parents won't like. This is a particularly sensitive situation because I don't want to make them angry right before I want them to pay out thousands of dollars for a wedding in the near future.

The decision Easy and I made to wait until we're engaged to talk about this with my parents makes me feel better, but it still won't be easy I don't think.

My mother said something to me Thursday morning that really made me feel quite a bit better. She said she was becoming less and less against the idea of Easy and I living together before we were married. She cited many of the reasons Easy and I had already come up with.

1. If we're getting married in less than a year, someone would have to break a lease for us to begin living together after we're married.

2. Doesn't make sense to pay two sets of rent. Could save lots more money with only one lease.

3. We'll be married so soon anyway, it's only a few months (her words, not mine).

4. Living with my parents isn't going well so far since I've started my job.

I was so happy to hear her reasoning. I didn't tell Easy yet, though I probably will by the time the post publishes. But it really makes me feel better that she won't go through her usual process of approval, then disapproval, then manipulation, then anger when we tell her our plans.

I feel as if I should explain #4. I love my parents, I like their house. But it's just weird for my old ass to be living at home when I have gainful employment. Plus, there's so much going on in the house all day and all night cause 4 adults (one of whom has too much time on his hands) lives there.

These two weeks that I've been working have shown me that it's not a good idea to still be living there. I can't expect everyone else to go around on eggshells because I have to sleep to get back up for work. I'm the only one in the house who works nights. If I were living with Easy, it'd be much easier for just him to be accommodating of my sleep needs.

And I knew this day would come. Even if Easy and I had never met, I'd be itching to move out once I had steady income. But it does make me feel a world better to know that my mom has an increased chance of being on board with my plan.

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