Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch, Double Dating, And Re-Decorating

I'm just now getting around to finishing this post because I was writing about other things and then my PC was down. Have I mentioned I was having computer issues?

My mom and I went to lunch on a Thursday afternoon a while ago with Jordan. She's the girlfriend of one of my best friends, Bad. We ate in the Walnut Room at the Macy's in downtown Chicago on State Street. I'd never been there before and so I was glad to check that off my list. It's practically a Chicago landmark.

The lunch was a lot of fun. I finally feel like I can successfully reach out to the girlfriends of my close guy friends. My mother is a big help in that department. But Jordan is going to be a big part of our lives over the years, so I'm glad we're getting a head start on familial comfort.

Since that time, Bad and Jordan have hung out with Easy and I twice. I like spending time with them. I dare say I enjoy it more than spending time with other couples, except maybe one. Easy and I know a number of other couples, but having a couple we can hang out with as a couple hasn't been the easiest task. But we're trying, and Bad and Jordan are good candidates.

Jordan is helping my mom with planning to redecorate my parents' house. She is supposed to come by the house this week to look at what we've got going and to help plan some things out for re-decorating. I'm super glad about that because I've made no bones about my low opinion of the decor they have going.

I'm looking forward to getting to know Jordan better and really developing a real relationship with her. And after I feel like I have some real skill at this, I'll reach out to Sonny's girl, Cher.

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