Monday, May 23, 2011

Things That Don't Fit Into My New Life

There have been a couple of occurrences recently that don't fit into this fancy lovely wonderfully optimistic view I have of what my new life will be like.

The first is that I missed my friends' birthday celebration on Saturday night. Part of having this job meant having income and the ability to really do great things for my friends for their birthdays. But unfortunately, that didn't happen. My first paycheck is still weeks away, and having to go to work that isn't a 9-5 means missing events.

I honestly don't feel too bad about missing the event. I really wanted to be out with my people, but I was glad to have that sense of purpose to get to work. And my girl Gloria's birthday is coming up and she's having a birthday celebration this weekend. I'll be going to that and I'll make sure I let them know I'm celebrating both their birthdays that one night out.

The second thing that doesn't fit is having to sort out car-pooling to work. I spent a very long time today sorting out all the possibilities with public transportation. If we don't want to drive, we can take a combination of the CTA Green Line, the CTA bus, The Metra Train, The PACE bus, and a taxi to and from work. And that would take 2+ hours whereas driving takes 1 hour. And it would cost us and extra $50-100 each month.

Driving to work is the more affordable option. Crazy right? My vision of myself as one of those women hopping on the Metra, reading my Kindle on the way to work, will never be. At least not until I move up north and reassess the travel situation.

The third thing is that settling down with Easy is this wonderful thing that makes me feel like we're the only two people in the world. That is until an ex (or something like it) pops up. PT texted me on some "just running cross my mind" stuff. He asked how I was and if we could catch up soon.

After checking with Easy, who's very laissez-faire about involvement with exes, I agreed to grab coffee with him some day this week. I told him Wednesday or so worked for me this coming week. Since I agreed to catch up with him over coffee, I haven't heard from him, so we'll see if it happens or not.

But him popping up out of nowhere was a bit jarring. I haven't spoken to this man since I decided I preferred Easy over him. And we never had a "we need to talk" discussion. We just fizzled out. So why does he want to catch up? I don't know and mostly don't care. But I am glad that I have good things to report. The last time we spoke, I was floundering out in a jobless abyss. He picked a good time to catch up since I actually have life updates to report.

The last thing is that my wrist hurts. I think I slept on in weird a couple weeks ago, but it's been hurting since then. When I type it really hurts. That sucks because of my typing for blogging and the fact that almost all my job training is one the computer. Also, I'm worried that it's carpal tunnel or some sort of stress fracture. I'm not getting it checked out until my insurance kicks in mid-June, so I just hope whatever is wrong with it will be fine until then.

It just doesn't sit right with me that I could have some sort of health problem. My insurance hasn't kicked in yet damnit! But I guess if I had to start falling apart at any point while uninsured, just a few weeks before I can fix it is the best time.

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