Saturday, February 26, 2011

And Since We're On The Subject Of My Life In Chicago

I forgot about the stuff I don't want to do. The stuff that counts as a priority, but only because it's a responsibility. The responsibilities that I have mixed feelings about are the worst. This was brought to my attention early Thursday morning.

My mother stopped by my room before she headed to work. She wanted to ask me a favor. I was to go to my grandmother's house and get her grocery list and go shopping for her. She wanted me to do it in a couple hours.

On the surface, there is nothing at all wrong with this request. Let me point out that this is the grandmother who is currently making my student loan payments until I get a job. I should be bending over backwards doing whatever this woman wants, trying to make her life easier. But it's not that simple.

My grandmother is a crazy person. When she sends you grocery shopping, it's with coupons, three different lists for four different stores, and specific requests like the number of ounces the meat you purchase should be. And then when you get back there's always something you've done wrong, like bought "oatmeal", but the wrong kind. They have unlimited types of oatmeal, but her list only says "oatmeal". You'd think she would specify since she does that for so many items. Let's just say I'm sensitive about an oatmeal debacle from a couple summers ago.

But still, lots of old people are difficult, right? That doesn't mean she shouldn't get the help she needs to get groceries. Which brings me to the second problem. My grandmother doesn't need help getting groceries. She has an up-to-date driver's licence, a working car, an independent streak, and a desire to never ask for help from anybody. So why does she ask others to shop for her?

She had surgery on her ankle over two years ago. Walking around the city during the winter scares her because she knows how badly things can go if she falls. When this rationale still applied in June, I realized she was full of crap and had just gotten used to other doing for her when she didn't feel like doing it herself. "But she's a little old lady," you say. Wrong!

My grandmother is very young. My mother was my age when she had me. My grandmother was my age minus 11 years when she had my mother. The point is, granny barely qualifies for the senior discount at movies and restaurants. She is not infirm, nor is she handicapped in any way.

The other reason I'm so obviously irritated is that my mother was supposed to have done the shopping last weekend, but do to a communication error, it didn't get done. She could do it this weekend, but "it's supposed to snow." I religiously check the weather, it's going to snow, but it will be no SNOWmaggedon.

My mother also has extra stuff to do this weekend, but she does have free time. She suggested if we wait til the weekend, we could just go together. That isn't an issue exactly, I am just frustrated with her trying to game me. It's not going to snow so bad that the stores will be hard to get to. It's Thursday, what is the rush with going today as opposed to tomorrow? And why in the world does it have to be early?

I really truly don't mind doing things for my family. I just hate feeling taken advantage of. And I truly loathe doing things for people that they can do for themselves. For example, you will not be able to find a six year old who has gotten me to tie their shoes. Totally unrelated I know, but the point stands!

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