Monday, February 28, 2011

More About Computer Viruses, And The Craziness They Lead To

I wrote a post recently lamenting my woes with a particularly nasty computer virus. Now, every time a program loads slower than expected, I freak out. I wonder if some remnant of the virus remains, waiting to crash my entire system. I can't afford the Geek Squad right now. It's just wearing me down, these terrible thoughts.

In the midst of these paranoid thoughts, I had another "terrible" thought. I began considering how much easier my life would be if I had a Mac. I've gone on rants about how Mac/Apple is the devil and how I'll never partake of their products on a large level with the exception of the iPod. But is that stubborn stance really helping me?

Since I've been looking back over facts about myself I've simply accepted to be true, I have opened floodgates. Now every accepted opinion, every trusted worldview, is up for debate. Am I really that committed to Microsoft? Mac laptops tend to be lighter in weight, and they definitely don't have the crappy computer-killing viruses that Microsoft attracts.

I know plenty of people who use Macs. They are as anti-Microsoft and I am/was anti-Macs. And all I'm saying is maybe they have a point. Possibly, I could load up a computer and have it work immediately. Possibly, I could stop trying to search out what does and does not cause nasty computer viruses.

But then I'd have to learn how the Mac desktop screen actually works. That's the hardest part. I never bothered to learn and was therefore crippled by inability every time I sat at a public computer only to learn that it ran Windows...but the weird Mac version of Windows.

I'm not saying my next laptop will be something other than a Dell or HP with the latest Windows operating system. I am saying that I'm finally considering the possibility. I can't embrace most changes and be so stuck in my ways for this one thing. Especially when the one thing could be ultimately counter-productive.

See, that computer virus is making me think crazy thoughts? Someone help me, I'm considering a Mac. Next, I'll be talking about an iPad. I need my Kindle now...

2 New Hypotheses:

Hi there :) I believe we're friends on 20SB and I meant to post here a few days back, but didn't get around to it.

So I'm a tech geek and made the move from PC to Mac almost a year ago — I could never see myself looking back at this point. I promise you that the Mac doesn't take a long time to learn; I actually use a Mac at home and a PC at work, and I have no problems. It's all about getting comfortable with it, and learning about the little secrets that make it special. Once you've got those down, you'll be saving time and finding things easier to do in no time :)

I love that I haven't needed to think about viruses or waiting to boot back up in a while — that seems like a nightmare of a distant past which I have since renounced. You can get whatever PC you want, but you're mostly dressing up an operating system that's bound to give you the blue screen of death sooner or later....

I'd say do some more research and maybe give it a shot — it's a hefty investment, but I think it's one that pays itself off many times over.


Thanks for commenting! I would love to leave behind the days of rebooting my computer over some crazy mess that shouldn't even be an issue. I'm definitely going to do some more research.

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