Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looking Forward to Valentine's Day

It goes against my better judgement to look forward to Valentine's Day.

I've got 26 V-days behind me that let me know the only people I can count on to make the day enjoyable are my daddy and other also-single female friends.

But this year I'm in a weird spot. Easy and I aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. I may write a post one day about how weird he is about that title.

The point  is we are in a place that makes the assumption that we would be spending Valentine's Day together. But we are not in a place that keeps exes from popping up to ask if we're free for that night.

Nevertheless, Easy and I are celebrating Valentine's Day together. I was very hesitant to look forward to it because of the disastrous days I've had.

It ranges from the day being completely ignored to a guy trying to make it special and failing miserably.

But I won't dwell on how horrible my experiences have been. Instead I'm going to talk about this coming weekend.

We're choosing to celebrate Valentine's Day on Saturday. He has to work Monday and we live in different cities, so that pretty much settled that.

I've already decided what I'm going to get him. That will be new for him. He says he's never gotten more than a card before. That's weird to me, but he's happy I'm getting him something, I believe.

He won't tell me what he's doing for me. Seriously, I know nothing. I figure I'm getting another charm for my charm bracelet he got me for Christmas. That's all I know.

He has a rehearsal in Chicago that morning. I'm supposed to keep the rest of the day free. Part of me is really excited about the possibilities.

I've tried to hard to have lowered expectations because of all the holidays I love so much, this one can't feel happy simply because of me. The happiness of the day rests in the hands of whomever I'm involved with.

Easy says he has it under control and I should just sit back and let someone make me happy. I'm gonna try it. I think it will end well. Well, that's not true. I'm skeptical and cynical. But I hope it will end well.

I'm not expecting some big fancy day with lots of activities. I just want us to spend the day together having fun with each other, like we always do. If there's some chocolate or wine involved, that will be nice as well..

I guess the thing I'm looking forward to most is celebrating Valentine's Day like an adult. Like how I brought in the New Year. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I desire to look back on my 20s with happiness at all the fun I had. I'm hoping this day fits the bill. I'm sure it will. I'll be with Easy. Him + me is a pretty simple recipe for fun and romance.

2 New Hypotheses:

OMG CeCe!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm all excited! First of all I'm one of those don't get your hopes up on VDay type of chicks but I'm so nervous for you. A REAL VDay! I expect an update on Sunday!

It's DBB from Now Ain't That a Bitch BTW (changed my name)


Lol, I used to be that type of chick. In fact, I still kind of am.

Easy has had to put up with my constant skepticism that the day will go well. In a way he appreciated it because it took the pressure off. But also, he was worried that I was gonna do the bitter-and-unable-to-appreciate-a-good-man-thing.

Thank God it all worked out!

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