Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How To Make Every Guy That Came Before You Look Bad

I've been writing a lot of how-tos lately. It's my way of writing about this guy I met without actually writing about him. Whenever something happens with him that I want to write about, I broaden it out into something that includes the men I've dated in general. So this post, and the other how tos, are about him, but not about him. When he's been around long enough to not be some random six week blurb in my blog, then he'll get specific posts. Maybe.

Anyway, on to my list.

*Have one or two outstanding qualities that happen to be major flaws in the last guy.

*Do things previous guys always talked about, but never actually did.

*Communicate with me everyday. Don't bother making excuses about why you were busy, just make the time.

*Keep the bullshit to a minimum. Only say things you mean. Ask for clarification if I say something you don't understand.

*Be yourself. Let me see the attributes and the flaws. That way I can make an informed decision about whether or not you are a person I want to spend time and emotions on.

*Focus on more than just one part of me. I am more than my body or my mind or my personality or my upbringing. I am all those things. Show me you get that.

*Do/Say things that enhance our connection. If we have a shared sense of humor, crack a joke every time we talk. If we've bonded over movies, take me to more movies.

*Include me in your life. If we've been dating for a while, I should know things about your job and family and friends.

*Learn my moods. Respond to them accordingly.

I know it's a tall order. But I know guys who have done several of them all at once without flinching. One of these days, I'll find a guy who can do them all.

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