Monday, September 13, 2010

Yoga Is Awesome!

Today I took my first yoga class. My mother and I were supposed to take the class together, but she had to cancel on me at the last minute for a work thing. We'll make it up on Wednesday, hopefully.

But even though she couldn't go, I decided I was going by myself. Yoga is something I have been interested in for a while. I have a bit of exposure to it between a DVD I bought once at Wal-Mart and Wii Fit. But it's so different in an actual class atmosphere. I am a weirdo and I abhor gyms, so I was super excited when I found this place Core Power Yoga, that just has yoga classes. It is not a gym. And they do hot yoga, which I have heard is the best thing to do.

An acquaintance of mine swears by hot yoga. She said she did it three times a week for six months and had a six pack and tight everything. I am trying that approach. Ever since I decided to eat healthier and exercise more often, I've lost weight (more weight than I intended) and I almost have a flat stomach. Attending these yoga classes should take me over the edge towards flat stomach-ness. Hardly anyone has a flat stomach these days. I hope to be one of those people by Christmas. that gives me three and a half months. Here goes.

4 New Hypotheses:

One of my other blogging buddies does hot yoga on occasion and she loves it.


I'm thinking about going back tomorrow. It was just such an amazing experience. I seriously feel so good from just an hour in that place.


Welcome to the yoga club! It's great. I love it SO much more than the gym. And I'm a hot room (bikram) yoga convert. I used to think it was weird, but now I love it.


Why thank you!

The only thing about the yoga room being heated that may take me a while to get used to is when I leave the room. That air conditioning wasn't fun to experience. Perhaps it will be better in the fall and winter when the main area should be heated instead of cooled.

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