Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Single Women Categories by Marie Claire

I wrote a post that went up today on my blog about my friends love lives. It was one of my Tip Top Tuesday posts. In it, I talk about my girl Top and what type of single girl she is based on this article she sent me online in Marie Claire. It's called The 12 Categories of Single Women.

I mentioned in the other blog post how we two agreed completely on what type of single woman I am. I'd love it if you read the Marie Claire article before you read the rest of this post. I assume that if you're reading this post, you've read a previous post of mine and therefore are able to take a reasonable guess as to which single woman I am. Go ahead I'll wait.

Imagine elevator music playing. This non-paragraph is here in case you just had to read on. Read the Marie Claire article!

Okay, thanks for coming back instead of spending the next hour poking around the Marie Claire website. So what type did you think I was?

The Phoenix?! Nope, while I've had some pretty frustrating crashes and burns, I've had no devastating break ups. Nothing so serious I couldn't bounce back by the time the next guy showed up offering something possibly better.

The Town Rebel? I know I've been talking a lot about not letting what other people want for me overrule what I want for myself. I am not that rebellious however. When I say, "I'm a rebel, I do what I want." I mean it. However, rebelling for me just means going out even though I have an early morning, but then staying in the next night. Trust me, I'm more traditional than rebel.

The Princess-in-Waiting? I'm offended. Sure, I've never posted about approaching a guy, but I certainly am not sitting there pining and waiting for Prince Charming. I know he may never come. I'm more proactive about making it work with the guy who's right in front of me. That is, until he makes it absolutely necessary that I run  away as fast as my feet can carry me from whatever he's offering. I've done some serious woo-ing in my day. No it didn't end well, but I'm the type of person who will occasionally take matters into her own hands.

The Soul-Mate Seeker? Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Yes, it's true. I'm the type of person who longs to be in that partnership that just completes you, or whatever the latest happy-relationship-cliche is these days. I've tried a lot of things to find The One. I've broken up with great guys because I thought they might not be The One. I've accepted waaaay too much crap from a guy who had "The One" potential. It drives me more than I'd like to admit. But hey, I value self-awareness more than I value making a good image of myself.

What kind of single woman are you? And guys, what kind of single woman would you want, if you had to pick one from these categories?

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