Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Have Inadverdently Joined Weight Watchers

My parents are now doing something about their weight and health. That makes me happy. They have joined Weight Watchers and I"m looking forward to them trimming down like some of their friends have done on the Weight Watchers program. The first couple of days they were on the program, they were having some trouble keeping up with their points.

With Weight Watchers, you're supposed to keep to a number of points, but my parents weren't even using all theirs. You're supposed to use all your points. A combination of a busy day plus not wanting to do too much and go over their points is the reason I believe they did that. So then I decided to help out.

I've been making dinner and dessert the last couple of days. Tasty things that are relatively healthy. For instance, I made catfish poached in butter instead of breaded and fried. Somehow being poached in butter still only got it up to six points.

Cooking more often at home helps me to feel like I'm doing something to carry my weight around here, no pun intended. But now I might as well be on Weight Watchers too. I think I used 20 points today. I shouldn't be on Weight Watchers, I am down fifteen pounds from when I first saw Sex and the City 2!

But I must admit, it's nice to be able to help my parents. And if I'm going to eat the food too, I know it will taste good. I do get some balance thrown in. Instead of eating those Weight Watchers brand snacks, I eat something Frito-Lay. I will never eat those Weight Watchers snacks, no matter how tasty those ice cream sandwiches look. Did I mention I'm a sucker for ice cream sandwiches?

2 New Hypotheses:

WAIT! Those snacks are BANGIN'! Do NOT sleep on Weight Watchers snacks... And I don't even like snacks that much. But I like me some weight watchers snacks... Yup


Lol, that's what my mom said. But I had a bad experience with the Weight Watchers cheese. I think I'll just eat a regular ice cream sandwich. I try to avoid things that are healthy just for the sake of being healthy. Especially when there's a version of it that's only slightly less healthy and definitely less food-processed.

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