Thursday, September 16, 2010

What A Difference Endorphins Make!

I noticed as soon as I walked into Core Power Yoga Monday afternoon how relaxed and happy everyone seemed. Whether I was to attribute that to a lucky sampling of "happy people" or whether it was all the yoga was to be determined.

After doing it three days straight myself (and I'm going tonight, even if I have to leave a meeting early to do it), I'm pretty convinced it's the yoga. Even though it's a relatively low impact exercise, you do sweat, you do use muscles and possibly get sore, and you do release endorphins. Having that chemically natural happy drug certainly makes a difference, let me tell you.

I wrote a post last week about being in the doldrums. I just don't feel that way anymore. There's a serious difference (at least to me) in my posts. Having a knowledge of chemistry told me that endorphins do this, but I hadn't the time, resources, or motivation to really get into a steady exercise regiment.

Last night, I was accused of a number of things, one of which being that I thought I was one type of woman when I was really another. That confused me because I don't know that I've been (or appeared) anything but who I am. So that requires a bit of self-reflection on my part to see who it is I think I am, and how that compares to how I come off. It's just been so long since anyone said that to me. When I was younger I was told I seemed conceited up until the person got to know me and was surprised to find out how down-to-earth I was. But since that time, I think I've done a better job of seeming down-to-earth from first introductions.

But, usually as these things go, the person who accused me of these things didn't actually have a concise way to put it so I can't even begin to imagine what character traits I was thought to have and turned out not to actually possess. But that is why I do yoga now. I have a whole hour to meditate on it tonight.

2 New Hypotheses:

Yep, those endorphins make a huge difference! Also... very interesting what you said about people's perceptions of you. I've also had people say I'm intimidating, and I was always surprised by this. I've noticed that strong, confident woman who are "sure of themselves" sometimes strike less confident people as conceited or intimidating. I've had trouble reconciling that, but I've tried to be more empathetic in order to appear more inviting to others. Just my thoughts...


Interesting thoughts on the subject. I wish I ccould figure out what personality trait makes peope see me incorrectly.

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