Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Signs You're Getting To Know Each Other

Disclaimer: This is, of course, based on Easy and me. So it is not a guide to tell if you and your person are getting to know each other better.

1. After five minutes of conversation, I get asked, "have you been eating candy?" And the answer is, "yes, lots."

2. "I'm going to veg out on the game" is easily translated to "I have no ability to multi-task and therefore am saving myself from being fussed at by getting off the phone pre-emptively.

3. One of us is "the listener" and one of us is "the one who can't keep his hands to himself."

4. He already has inside jokes with my friends.

5. He knows not to bring up That Bitch, that thing he took back, and that dead guy he didn't like. I know not to bring up That Bitch, disagreements we've already settled, and my love for Will Smith.

6. He gets that when I'm blaming something on him, I don't actually think it's his fault.

7. I know that when he takes responsibility for something, he doesn't actually think it's his fault.

8. When we're together, we have a pretty good pattern of behavior we've already settled into.

9. We have code phrases that mean something different than what the words themselves mean.

10. He's learned to interpret my silences. He knows the difference between "I'm upset" silence and "I'm thinking" silence.

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