Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Observative Is Real Word"

I wrote a post at the beginning of the month. It's absolutely hilarious. It's about this guy who tried to pick me up at a chicken joint and how I shut him down because he used a word that is not a word.

You should read that post by clicking here.

I was so happy to see all those people discussing the validity of obervative actually being a word. It did away with a stereotype I've held since I was a small child.

I thought people genuinely didn't care about words, syntax, etc. But that night, with the technology of smart phones, I was pleasantly surprised.

Then I was checking my stats about how many people read my blog and what the search terms are and I came across something interesting in the search terms. It's the title of this post.

observative is a real word
It came over a week and a half after I wrote that post about the guy. So I know it wasn't from anyone searching that night. The post wasn't written yet.

I wonder if the guy who I shut down is the one who put it into the search engine. It could be a coincidence, but what if it's not?

That would mean he read my blog post and saw everything I said about him. I have to admit, the thought of that makes me want to fall out of my chair laughing.

I hope he learned his lesson about making up words.

But what if it wasn't him? What if it was someone else who happened to be looking? They would probably not read my post and just feel the need to go to a online dictionary to get answers.

They would see that thinks it's a word. That might be enough for them. Oh I hope whoever searched that term read my post. I hope they know. Observative is not a word!

It was once, it may be again. But for today, not a word!

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