Saturday, November 6, 2010

Girls' Day Out, Girls' Night Out, No Boys Allowed

I'm really excited about the day I have in front of me. The type of social life I'd like to have doesn't include going out to clubs every night. I never wanted that, not even in college.

The type of social life I'd like includes a mix of activities that allows me to have fun with people I care about in my life. Today is a great day for that.

At 4pm, I'm going to see Colored Girls with my mother and grandmother. I wasn't sure I was going to see this movie because Tyler Perry and I don't get along with serious subject material, but I'm going and I plan on enjoying both my time with these women and the movie.

Then tonight, I'm going out to dinner with Michelle, Gloria, Camille, Michelle's twin cousins (Thing 1 and Thing 2), and two to three of our other friends from church. We're just grabbing dinner and maybe seeing where the night goes after that.

Easy wanted me to not have a girls' day this weekend and to come down to St. Louis to see him and his show. He was supposed to have a boys' weekend and that kind of fell through. And now his parents are coming down. And staying in his house.

And he still asked me one more time yesterday to reconsider. This is after us making plans for when I'm coming down on Tuesday. The only two reasons I'm not completely pissed about him asking me to change my plans is that he's just impulsive like that and this show is a big deal for him.

Easy is impulsive. I may have said that two or eight times on this blog. But he just says whatever idea he fancies at the time, regardless of whether it turns out he will still mean it when he stops to think about it. It's his man-stupid. But I know he wouldn't actually expect me to cancel previous plans with almost all the important women in my life for him. Not unless it was really important. Like really important. Like a family member's funeral.

And like I said, this show is a big deal for him. Easy is an elementary school teacher. But he's also a musician. And tonight he's accomplishing one of his goals/dreams of having a show with his own jazz quartet. The venue he's playing at asked him to do the show, which is also huge.

I do support him in this venture, but being physically there for him just wasn't possible. But we've been talking about it a lot and I think he knows how much I support him and what he's doing tonight.

So I will be praying for him that everything goes well and that his parents have a good visit with him. And I'll be doing some great sisterhood-of-the-travelling-pants-type bonding today! Well, I don't know that to be true. I've never seen that movie. But there will be some type of bonding going on.

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