Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Too Old To Be Making New Friends

My girl Gloria says that all the time. She means it mostly as a joke, but I think it applies in this scenario.

The scenario I'm alking about is what happened with Leo. The last post I wrote about him was to discuss our argument about me going to St. Louis to see Easy.

Since that time, he's texted me a couple of times. One of the texts was about the argument we had.

Another text was a very friendly text about the Cowboys finally winning a football game. It was pretty impressive. Their new coach may keep his job til the end of the season if he continues in this way.

I know about the game because Easy and I were at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the game, and all the other Sunday games.  It was amazing!

I love football and I'd never been to a sports bar/grille/wings spot on a football Sunday to watch the games. Best time ever.

But this isn't about Easy, it's about Leo. I didn't respond to Sunday's text either.

I don't think I'm going to respond if he reaches out to me again. But I feel badly. I think Leo would make a great friend.

But I can't deal with him if he's going to act like I was cheating on him by heading to St. Louis to see Easy.

And I don't want to seek him out to ask him to let me know he now feels that way. He could just say whatever I want to hear in order to keep us being friends.

So I guess we're just done. Unless he says on his own that he feels badly for lashing out at me like that.

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