Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attack Of The 90s Babies!!!

I'm an 80s baby. Born in 1984, I'm smack in the middle, so there's no attachment to things those born in either the 70s or 90s seem to feel.

And I admit I have a bias against spending too much time around very young adults. They are weird. I know, I know, blanket statements are wrong. Whatever.

Saturday night, I felt cornered by 90s babies. They were everywhere!

Here are some gems of behavior that would only come from someone who is freshly 20 years old:

*Not knowing how to take a shot of tequila without it touching your tongue, leading to a numb tongue because you just got your tongue pierced.

*Responding to the question, "so how do like being 20?" with "well, you know, it's pretty cool". He meant the question as a joke, stupid.

*Trying to order a drink even though you saw the waitress card the 26 year old down the table.

*Flirt with someone's boyfriend right in front of them and act confused when they are upset.

*Talk about reruns of sitcoms as if you were alive or understanding language to watch them when they first came out.

*Pull out snacks from your purse without offering anyone any.

This is not behavior that belongs only to 20 year olds. But you all know that when you see this behavior in someone older, you think, "he's/she's so immature."

I still don't know where the 20 year old chicks at Sonny's birthday shindig came from. I've never heard of them or met them before.

But what matters the most is that I never acted like that when I was 20. I had other unfortunate behavior, but I'll choose not to tell those stories haha.

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