Monday, April 4, 2011

American Idol, Top 11, Again

Just a disclaimer, I wrote this post before the elimination show, so I'm going to post it as if I don't know who's going home already. I'm not editing what I originally wrote.

Can I first say three things? 1. I'm super happy they have all top 11 people on the American Idol tour this summer. I may actually try and see the show this year. 2. I'm looking forward to the double elimination next week, although I fear that Naima won't make it through if her song selection isn't up to par. 3. Why do people like Thia?! What am I missing? All the smiles in the world can't make up for her boring ass stage presence. Pia can stand still and be interesting, but not her.
Okay, rant over. Now on to the Top 11. Here are my categories.

Great, You Could Win
Scotty McCreery: what can I say? I love him. His singing makes me love country and feel all warm inside. He did justice to elton john's one country song. And that deep note at the end made me want to do something like throwing my panties on stage, except not illegal (he's only 17).

Paul McDonald: his voice I fall in love with more and more with each passing week. He kept the thing I love best about Elton John music: the piano. Just wonderful voice and guitar and everything. Except that suit.

Pia Toscano: she's singing one of my favorite songs by elton john. I was ready to love it. Reminds me of when forest whitaker was on snl after the oscar deal. Sing another ballad, don't be scurred girl! She looked and sounded amazing as usual. Like a regular pitched mariah carey. I just made that comparison. It happened. And best of all, her backup choir didn't have robes!

Lauren Turner: looks like song selection had a lot to do with who I really loved this week. Lauren's voice is just perfect for this song. A real casual version with less emotion amnd more country sent chills to my arms. Just great.

Casey Abrams: as soon as he started singing, I was loving it. His voice is like butter. And the freshened up look really helped. He's back to my sexy Santa/Seth Rogan mashup. I don't care what you think, it's a sexy combo. Back to the song, I was loving the soft rock take on it. It gave it a surprising depth and vigor. And it built and took me with it. Take notes Thia.

Jacob Lusk: this man can do no wrong. He's my reincarnated Luther and I love every moment. 'Nuff said.

Haley Reinhart: I didn't what to expect from her, I just know I haven't been too big of a fan recently. But I finally loved her. She couldn't have bounced harder than sitting on a piano suggests, but that was my only complaint. It was like a flower child singing the song, lol. Amazing voice, and her growl thing finally felt in place to me.

Liked It, Didn't Love It
Naima Adedapo: I love reggae music, but I only liked her version of this song. She gets points for creativity and originality. But I'm just not a huge fan of hers in her lower range. It was a great performance though, not boring like I thought it could be.

Stefano Langone: I thought I wouldn't like it, but I did. He really took control of that song. I wanted to love it, but I was too distracted by him fighting to keep his eyes open. I'm hoping he gets another chance though. I will be voting like crazy for him to give him that chance.

James Durbin: I couldn't really hear him. I love that song and he looked like he was rocking it. I loved the end of it more than the whole. He was amazing, I think. Had I heard him, he'd be in the above category.

You Will Not Win Singing Like That
Thia Megia: when she started singing, I was feeling it, but then it went away. The song didn't build like it was supposed to. The highlights of that song that make me love it just weren't there. Her voice is good and all, but my favorite part of that song was the piano. I'm still bored. Sorry Thia.

Like I said, no "Bad" category this week. These folks are just amazing. This week, I voted for Scotty, Stefano, Naima, Pia, James, Lauren, Casey, Jacob, and Haley. The people I'd like to see most make it far are: Jacob, Casey, Lauren, Pia, and Stefano.

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