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Dancing With The Stars, Top 9

I missed Dancing With The Stars airing live because I was dealing with the hell that is unfolding in the airline industry right now. Those folks really need new planes. But I digress. I have found an online episode that I can see before ABC puts it online so I'll still have time to vote online! Just a note, if you're looking for the videos, they're off by one week for some reason, so you have to click the link for tonight's results shows to see last night's show.

Now that Wendy Williams is gone (thank God), I don't think there's anyone left that I just hate to watch dance, so I won't have a "bad" category per se, it'll just be for anyone who didn't impress me specifically this week. I'm really excited for what is to come with this Classical Week theme. I think it will really separate those with presence and technical skills from the rest of the pack.

Here are my categories:

You're So Great, I Want You In The Top Three
Karina Smirnoff and Ralph Macchio (Waltz): The judges didn' like him last week, but I thought he was fantastic. I think he'll be great at the waltz if he just fixes those weird ass hands. But I wasn't convinced he fixed the problem because during their video, he wasn't finishing his moves and that made his lines look icky. Really icky. Karina seems satisfied though, so perhaps it will be better in the dance. I do love their music, as I've loved most of the music. They did a good job of choosing songs that are really recognizable, at least they've appeared in multiple contemporary commercials. When the music started and they weren't dancing, I got worried. Len always fusses when there isn't enough dancing content, so I could only hope they would get it going and have a ton of content once she un-Juliet-ed herself. And oh my wow! Perhaps the lighting helped, I don't know and I don't care, he looked fantastic! His lines were much improved, he actually finished the moves. His shoulders creeped up, but then went back down. They had the elegance, the romance, and timing, everything a waltz could need. Finally! Someone gave me the happy feeling inside I've been waiting for (other than the professional troupe of course). I'd give it a 9, it was just fantastic!
Score: (8,8,9) At least Bruno agreed with me about the score. It was really just fantastic.

Kym Johnson and Hines Ward (Paso Doble): I know the man can dance, but I didn't know what to expect for this week. Usually when a star has a busy week, things go awry, but the football players always do well with the Paso, so I figured he'd be able to pull something off pretty amazing. After watching the video, I was a bit worried because he didn't seem to be getting the steps, but his determination really made me feel reassured. They take me on an emotional roller coaster with some of these video! As soon as the dancing began, I wasn't even a bit worried. It was just amazing. So tight and focused, very intense and right on the mark. He doesn't need lyrics to get a dance right. I was jumping out my seat watching them. It was something I would pay to see. Truly, it was. I would give it a 9. It was just fantastic.
Score: (9,8,8) People really expected higher scores than two 8s. But I think it was okay. He's tied for first place so far.

Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane (Viennese Waltz): Anyone he dances with already starts off high in my book because I love his daring and innovative choreography. But Chelsea is really growing on me and I was looking forward to see what they would do to jazz up the classical music the entire episode. I figured they would be amazing in the Viennese Waltz, just like they were at the Waltz in the first or so episode this season. The video showed her really struggling, but the clothes never changed, so I assume this was just her first day learning or something like that. I have faith that Chelsea will be amazing. When the dancing started, I was actually confused at first. But then I figured out what they were doing and I was loving it. No one does whimsical like these two. I was entranced. He was like her puppet, but also her lover…? I'm not sure which specific Harry Potter characters they were, but it was both daring and classic all at once. I would give them a 9 if it were up to me. Len fussed but I guess they had enough traditional moves in it to appease him and maybe he'll give them a 7.
Score: (9,8,9) The took first place! I'm so excited for her. I think they deserved it because she's such a good dancer. And I'm really glad Len didn't give them a 7.

Maksim Chmerkovsiy and Kirstie Alley (Waltz): I absolutely love Kirstie and Maks so I really feel like they have to do horribly for me not to enjoy it. And I look forward to the video as much as the dancing. I know Kirstie won't be able to have her usual sass in this dance, so I'm excited to see how she'll add that pizazz in another way. The video reminds us that she is 60. But I have no worries; I'm sure this dance will be fabulous. I love this song and I thought it would be perfect for the waltz and perfect for these two because it has an intensity and a drama that fits them. I gotta say, I wasn't a huge fan of her hands and arms, but everything else was really good. Her legs and feet are always above par. It was really nice to see her softer side. Just wonderful. I'd give it an 8. The judges didn't like it nearly as much as I did. Looks like she'll be getting my extra votes tonight. Sorry Kendra.
Score: (7,7,8) I love it when Bruno agrees with me. They did good. But she does need to improve, I guess I'll grudgingly agree with the judges on that. Whatever.

I'm Liking What I See, But I Want More
Chelsie Hightower and Romeo (Paso Doble): Last week, the judges didn't like his performance as much I remember liking it, but I had more hope for this week. I doubt Romeo has any experience dancing to classical music, but he's good at catching the character of the dance. I just didn't know what to think about his footwork. After watching the video, then I was worried about him catching the character of the dance unless they do a basketball themed classical Paso. Not likely. When they started dancing, I was immediately loving it, though I wished he had as much power in his arms as she did. I absolutely loved the ending though and I really do love that song. Thanks to effective marketing, I now want diamonds and silhouettes. I figured they'd get good scores because they really evoked powerful emotions from the crowd. I'd give them an 8, but I really wanted more technical merit.
Scores: (7,8,8) Carrie Ann Inaba took off one point because of a lift. I hate when she does that. But looks like my 8 was accurate, yay!

Louis van Amstel and Kendra Wilkinson (Viennese Waltz): Her technical skills really improved last week, so I felt like she could handle this Classical week and the technical merit they'll be expected to show. I think the Viennese Waltz will be a good step forward for her as she's "learning to be a lady." Even though the video was silly, I figured she'd still be great. And when the music started I was laughing because I kept thinking of the movie Stepbrothers and the fucking Catalina wine mixer. But I focused back on DWTS and looked at their dancing. She looked great if you ignored her face. She looked terrified in her face, but the rest of her was graceful (except that one foot) and lovely. She made some mistakes, but I liked it overall. I'd give her a 7, but I may be overshooting what the judges give.
Score: (6,6,6) Yup, they liked it far less than I did. I still maintain she was better than "okay."

Cheryl Burke and Chris Jericho (Paso Doble): A side note first, I love Cheryl's new hairstyle. I love that color on her. But back to the dance. The video made me wonder if he could pull off the character of the dance, but I figured he'd be alright. He's freaking Chris Jericho after all. And by the end of the video, I was sure I was right. He went all WWE (or was it WWF? Whatever.) on the TV camera, and I was loving it. Again, I was loving the song selection. The producers really did good this week. But back to the dancing. This particular song doesn't really scream Paso to me, but Chris managed to come off as appropriately aggressive. His feet and legs looked a little weird with the big steps he was trying to take, but overall I liked it. I would give it a 7, just shy of an 8.
Score: (8,7,8) I agree with the scores. They were good scores, I just think he can do better.

You Did Alright
Dmitry Chaplin and Petra Nemcova (Paso Doble): I thought she was great last week, though not as great as the judges thought. I expect nothing less than amazing this week because she is so graceful that classical music just fits her. But the video showed her having a pretty hard time with the character of the dance. I was a bit worried, but I thought she might be able to pull it off. She looked pretty good while they were dancing, but just a little cartoonish. I think her makeup helped her face. Overall, I really liked it. I don't know what's up with my feelings about the dances this week and if I'm just expecting too much, but I don't love it. It made me laugh more than anything else. I'd give it a 7. The judges liked it waaay more than I did though.
Score: (8,7,8) A 7 is a good score for some, but I just know Petra can do better. I still like her though.

I'm Not Impressed This Week
Anna Trebunskaya and Sugar Ray Leonard (Viennese Waltz): What can I say, I'm just not a fan of his dancing. I guess he'll be alright this week, if he can get his posture better. We'll see. I was frustrated with his video talking about how hard it is for a boxer to be graceful and elegant. From my longtime crush on Muhammad Ali to hearing my dad talk about Sugar Ray, I just don't see how expecting a boxer to be graceful is some tall order. But I do love Tchaikovsky and was looking forward to the music if nothing else. I was tickled by him in those blue tights for the ballet class, but it did kind of give me more hope for his dancing. Before they got into the dance, I was liking them, but once they were out on the floor, my smile quickly faded to a frown. They'll get style points, but I honestly didn't like it. It just wasn't smooth like any waltz should be. He's just so awkward. Seriously, I wish they had just done the Viennese waltz and not tried to do those ballet moves. I would give them a 6. The judges liked it more than I did. They valued his entertainment value more than I de-valued his technical errors.
Score: (7,7,7) I completely disagree. But I will just show my displeasure by not voting for him.

This week, I voted for: Romeo and Chelsie, Kendra and Louis, Petra and Dmitry, Ralph and Karina, Hines and Kym, Chelsea and Mark, and Kirstie and Maks.
If I had to pick a Top 3, it would be: Ralph and Karina, Hines and Kym, and Chelsea and Mark.

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