Monday, April 18, 2011

America's Next Top Model, Top 6

I didn't get to watch ANTM on Wednesday because the network in Chicago was showing a Cubs game. But luckily, they re-show episodes on Sunday, so I got to watch.

This week, the girls learned about putting together a portfolio and learned they were heading to Morocco. I'm glad they went prior to the protests and stuff. It's pretty exciting. Who does an eco-friendly suit at a landfill? Landfills are not eco friendly. Maybe they would be if they sorted the material. Sigh.

Kasia: her portfolio shots were good, but she only had 4 photos. I can't remember which one is missing. I just never have much to say about her. I like what she said about being happy with her body.

Molly: everyone else was saying how they're glad the issues with Alexandria got sorted, and Molly is still being negative. I was saying I liked that she's a trooper, but I don't like that she's a complainer. Her potty mouth is starting to wear me down. And she was so mean to her driver. And she should have kept her thoughts to herself about Alexandria cause it showed on her face and it distracted her from her own performance. Everyone else was making it happen for the photo shoot, but she won't shut the fuck up and stop being negative. Everyone is starting to notice. And I'm so sick of her constantly threatening to have a bitch fit. There's a time for it. Building your career is not that time. Hopefully she'll take in what they said at panel and do better next week.

Brittani: of course they launched in with her talking about the elimination. I wish Tyra had sent her home. I have to say I was taken aback when she apologized to Alexandria. I guess we'll see if it sticks. She was also terrible with the directions. She took a lot of risks at her photo shoot. Girl was down in the garbage. I hope she gets a great photo after that display. Her photo was great and I'm starting to be convinced she's actually learned her lesson.

Hannah: I hope she goes to Morocco, she seems so excited about it. I'm surprised I don't have more to say about her. She used to be one of my favorites, but now I'm like meh.

Jaclyn: she feels she's grown as a woman, I agree. I like a self-aware person. And poor jaclyn, so terrible with direction. I have to say I'm not sad she's leaving. I thought I would be. Whatever.

Alexandria: I was glad to see her being the bigger person when Brittani apologized. She's smart though not to assume it's all roses from here on out. I'm so glad she did well on her go-sees and won that last challenge.
That bag and dress were so gorgeous.

Next week, they show an episode with behind the scenes footage. I may or may not blog about that.

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