Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Mom Double Booked Me!

I've been meaning to tell this story for a while. It actually happened like two-three weeks ago, right when I got back from St. Louis and my mother and I had plans with my mom for Saturday afternoon. We were going to have a girls' day out. I assumed that meant good food, perhaps a movie, and also a new blouse or dress or something for the both of us. But that's not at all what happened!

She had also made plans with my father. They are contemplating moving/renovating. While their sorting out all their options, they are at least making some moves. They went to go look at model houses as a way to explore the option of having a house built.

I ask my father where my mother is early Saturday afternoon and he tells me she'll be home soon and they'll be on their way. I'm like, "where are y'all going. We have plans." And he's like, "I don't know what plans you think you have, but we have plans." We quickly realize my mother double booked us!

I knew their plans trumped ours, so I quickly inserted myself into their plans. Going to look at model homes sounded like fun to me. When my mother came home, I fussed a bit at her while she chuckled and exchanged looks with my father. I thought it wasn't funny at all and demanded we reschedule our girls day out. We did just that and then the three of us headed out to see some homes.

We had fun looking at homes, comparing what each of us thought were important factors in a home. My father, ever the practical one, was concerned about homes with two many stairs since where ever they move will likely be their home into a very old age, if not their final home. This was reasonable, but didn't get us away from the charm of the vaulted ceiling created by a second floor balcony overlooking the family room.

Even though my mom double booked us, we still had fun all hanging out together. And my mom totally made it up to me the next time just she and I went out. This is why I love hanging out with my parents. Something interesting always happens and there's always a twist. By the way, if you're looking for a home you can build from the ground up and don't mind a commute, start in New Lennox and Frankfurt, IL

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