Monday, April 4, 2011

America's Next Top Model, Top 8

This week, the girls focused on what type of persona they would convey if famous, from archetype of model to interacting with fans. I thought it was a cute and interesting thing to focus on. And I loved the muddy photo shoot with the blonds versus the brunettes. Only possible because they got rid of all the minorities and redheads (a minority themselves in the fashion world). I have to say I'm very satisfied with these particular girls being the Top 8. Now on to my thoughts on each girl.

Mikaela: I have higher hopes for her shoot now that she's gotten to the root of her insecurity. Still hate the eyebrows, but she seems to have come out of her shell. The judges were harsh, but she improved this week. I was pleased with her progress.
Couture with hidden bombshell was her archetype. I don't see the bombshell, I'd prefer they had just stuck with couture. But at least telling her she should be a bombshell helped to give her an identity.

Kasia: a bit uncomfortable in behavior, but fantastically comfortable in her body.
Bombshell + Couture: I get it. Body + attitude.

Monique: her negative side is starting to show, but with, I still like her. If only cause she knows how to handle Alexandria. Um, sour grapes much? I was a huge fan, but the editing makes her an asshole this week. And she needs to stop acting "over it". She's killing me! I was such a fan before this week.
Bombshell: oh yeah. I agree.

Molly: still a trooper for dealing with that hair. Who cares if she's complaining, that shit sucks. I don't mind yet.
I also missed her archetype. Did they even say it?

Brittani: um, she just didn't stand out to me this week. I still love the haircut. But when it came to the photo shoot, she certainly stood out to the photographer! And I admit, she had moments of brilliance. I was hoping they'd show her individual shots in judging, but it's cool.
Couture: that face and hair, of course.

Hannah: I just think she's so sweet. I love her. Don't have much to say, I just hope she keeps doing what she does best.
I missed her category. Anyone catch it? I'd guess girl next door.

Jaclyn: also sweet, super sweet. I hope she's stays sweet. Still love the bright lip and curly hair. She photographs amazingly. I wonder if they'll start to criticize her because the person they see in front of them carries less oomph than what they see in her film.
Girl Next Door: with a face like that, it's her only option, really.

Alexandria: I'm getting more of her story, I just wish the other girls knew. They might understand why she's so tough and is combative. She's been very general til now, not focusing her toughness on any one girl, but Monique has finally gotten on her bad side. This could get interesting. She has a nice side and no one sees it. Poor girl.
Edgy Bombshell: she seems more edgy to me. But I guess with those lips, she has bombshell potential.

This week, they sent Monique home. Yay! She was killing me with the eye rolling. I could barely remember Mikaela before this week, but I'm happy she stayed. I was so glad they kept Alexandria. I was worried. And I hope she gets a chance next week to explain shy she can come off as such a bitch. According to the previews, she has it out with Brittani at panel That should be quite interesting.

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