Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dancing With The Stars, Top 10

I was sad to see Mike Catherwood go, but then again I wasn't. I was sad because I would much prefer Wendy Williams to leave. But I wasn't sad because he got the lowest scores and was one of the least-known stars, it was his fate to leave. He would have had to be an amazing dancer to make that first cut. But I feel good about this week's performances and am excited to share my opinions because I know everyone cares so much, ha ha. Here are my categories:

Amazing Dancing, Should Get Top Scores
Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane (Cha-Cha): I just always look forward to Mark's choreography and I like Chelsea and her dancing. Her emotional story about the song written for her was cute. Having dated a couple of musicians and having had songs written for me, I can understand how amazing that is (Easy, your song is by far the best!). And I was interested to hear this song and see what Mark would come up with to please both the judges and the audience. She looked amazing in her outfit and I really enjoyed the dancing from the moment they started. It was young and happy, just like her. And the song really wasn't half bad either. I didn't really feel like her body movement was as good as it could be, but she was good at being sexy, and I really enjoyed the performance.
Score: (7,8,8). Pretty good for week 3, and after only the first elimination. I guess I liked them more than the judges did.

Kym Johnson and Hines Ward (Samba): I just love the song selection for this week for him. Hearing his story about his mom wasn't a surprise because I read about it when I looked him up after the cast for this season was announced. And I'm happy that this song is really happy. And if anyone can pull of a Week 3 Samba, it's Hines. As soon as they started dancing, I was enchanted. Did I mention I love this song? There were moments when he wasn't perfectly on beat, but he was never really off it. And I felt like getting up and dancing with them, which is always my rubric for whether a Samba is really on point. And I really loved the support they showed for him in the audience. It was perfect, but it was so great, that didn't really matter.
Score: (9,8,8). Great scores, just like I expected. They were just sooooo good. Really enjoyable.
 Dmitry Chaplin and Petra Nemcova (Waltz): I would have been quite shocked if her story wasn't about the tsunami and losing her fiance. I wasn't hugely satisfied with her performance last week, but I had hope for her this week. Her story was really amazing about her recovering from what happened to her in Thailand and making something good happen for other people out of it. I'm looking forward to this dance because she does uplifting and elegant well. This dance gave me a sense of peace and was really enjoyable to watch. Petra should give a master class on clean lines with her arms. I loved it, I think it was one of her best dances.
Score: (8,9,8). Yup, really amazing scores. Just like I expected.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kirstie Alley (Rumba): I'm really looking forward to her video and her dancing. I had no idea she had lost so much right around her big break. I would be devastated if that happened to me. I guess the Rumba is just the dance for sex and also to celebrate death. How pagan, but I admit I'm intrigued. I want to see if Kirstie can pull off this Rumba, I bet she can. I was freaking out when he fell, mostly cause I was wondering how he was dragging her big ass across the floor. I hope he didn't really injure himself like Cheryl's partner Christian did a few seasons ago. But Maks was a trooper and finished the dance. Kirstie was the ultimate professional, showing her ability to get back on track once it was clear Maks was going to continue dancing. I'm so glad they finished that dance because she really was amazing. Her hip action was really on point as were her legs. And even her arms and hands were good. If I weren't deducting for that fall, I'd say it was one of the best of the night, but of course I'm biased toward Kirstie, so I don't know if that's accurate or not. I wonder if Maks was over-doing the limp for sympathy as soon as the dance was done or if he really was just professional enough to keep it going for Kirstie. I'd almost prefer the former over the latter because I'd hate for him to be injured.
Score: (7,7,7). Those were good scores considering they lost almost 20 seconds of dancing. I know the scores would have been way higher had they not fallen.

Really Good Dancing But Not The Best
Cheryl Burke and Chris Urban (or is it Irving?) (Rumba): I love the bedroom dance. People draped in sheets, all I think is Toga! Toga! I'm not a huge fan of Chris, but I see the potential. And I love his story about his mom. I'm a sucker for momma stories cause I love my momma. Every time someone does a rumba that's not sexy, Len fusses and complains. When they said in the video they were going non-sexy, I was worried for their scores. But if they have a chance, it's with a momma theme. When they started dancing, I was impressed. If he keeps improving like this, I will be a fan of his, a huge fan, in a couple weeks. I was glad the judges weren't pissy about the dance not being sexy. Yay for Chris and Cheryl.
Scores: (7,7,7). These scores are really good, but I know he can do better.

Louis van Amstel and Kendra Wilkinson (Rumba): I have to say that I just really love her personality. For the first time, I'm really a fan of a couple that Louis is a part of for more than just the laughs and pride they provide. She's a pretty good dancer and I was looking forward to see what they would come up with for this week. I wondered if her emotional story would discuss her bunny-ness, and it wasn't, just a situation influenced by it. It was about love, which makes me happy. As they were dancing, I was marvelling at her legs and trying to not look at her arms and hands. She was better than I expected though cause the Rumba is a hard dance. I think the dance definitely told a love story and I just love her so much, did I mention that?
Scores: (8,7,8). The judges seemed to really like her and the dance, but somebody needs to get Bruno to keep it in his pants, ha ha.

Karina Smirnoff and Ralph Macchio (Rumba): When they said he was doing the Rumba, I figured he was also celebrating someone's death and how he's grown since then. I have to admit, I was happy it wasn't about death, it was about holding onto special moments, particularly his wedding anniversary. I like Ralph and his dancing and his personality is growing on me more and more. I expect if nothing else, he'll have the character of the dance down. I don't know if I care for the song, but I was loving his dancing. His feet were really on point. He can teach the other half of Petra's Master class on clean lines, ha ha. Unfortunately, his hands are still funky, though less funky than before. And it was nice to see a romantic Rumba. Really great. I think this was so amazing, and worthy of pretty good scores.
Scores: (7,7,7). I think I agree with these scores. I hoped for one 8, but he can do better with the little details I think.

Just Okay, You Should/Could Have Done Better
Chelsie Hightower and Romeo (Rumba): I just love looking at him, and the good dancing doesn't hurt either. His story was unexpected. I didn't know he had dealt with the loss of two people he was close with as a child. I guess it really defines you as a young person when that happens. But I was very much looking forward to what he and Chelsie would do with the music out on the dance floor since they have amazing chemistry. After Cheryl got away with a non-sexy Rumba, I was hoping Chelsie could make it through too. I thought the dance was good, but I honestly didn't think it was great. I'm usually less-than-satisfied with people's Rumbas though, so I'm not surprised. Plus his arm lines, were just awful. And the judges are okay with non-sexy Rumbas. I guess you can't criticize someone for honoring a death.
Scores: (7,6,7). I pretty much agreed with these scores. Romeo can dance and personality his way to all 8s at this stage of the competition. So I will vote for him and hope he does better next week.

Anna Trebunskaya and Sugar Ray Leonard (Paso Doble): Last week, I was like, meh, at least that's the way I remember it. I didn't hold much hope for him this week. My daddy was disappointed that the man with the best footwork in the ring couldn't make that translate to the dance floor. I didn't know that much about his career, but I take my daddy's word. He's gonna have to do something amazing to reverse my opinion. I do like the song choice, and if it gets him pumped, I say try whatever works. And the dance selection should make life easier for him in terms of getting into the character of the dance. He still doesn't have enough punch and his feet are funky. But he has improved. He's getting better slowly but surely.
Score: (7,6,7).  His highest scores so far, but he still has a ways to go.

Seriously, Why Did You Come On This Show?
Tony Dovolani and Wendy Williams (Foxtrot): I'm glad she went first so I could get her out of the way. I have little hope for her to improve since she thinks they deserved 10s. Delusional lady. And she wants to focus on her career, how emotional. I guess. I don't have anything nice to say, so I'll just get on to the dance. I usually hate her a 10, and this week, I only hate her an 8. They keep giving her ballroom dances and she'll be alright. She's required not to move, so her inability to move doesn't stand out as much. Still hate her dancing. Next.
Score: (5, 5, 5). I'm not surprised by those scores; she's horrible!

I voted for Chelsea and Mark, Chris and Cheryl, Kendra and Louis, Romeo and Chelsie, Hines and Kym, .
I think the Top Three will be: Chelsea and Mark, Hines and Kym,

2 New Hypotheses:

Kendra and Kirstie are definitely two of my faves. They'll gets votes from me no matter how they dance because at the end of the day, this is all just a popularity contest.

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