Thursday, April 7, 2011

American Idol, Top 9

They skipped having a Top 10 and I'm still excited about that because that means there will be 11 people on the American Idol tour this summer. That bit at the beginning with Steven Tyler's tribute to rock and roll was cute and over the top. I can't imagine him doing anything that isn't over the top.

Here are my categories:

I Will Be Ecstatic If You Win Because You're Amazing
Jacob Lusk: First of all, I love the song selection. Man in the Mirror is definitely top 3 for my favorite Michael Jackson songs. And I was really feeling the song, just like when Michael sang it. I love that he went for a song that really fit him because I think it made his performance better than if he was singing something that didn't speak to him to his core. I will not be happy if he doesn't make it to the final two.

Casey Abrams: still amazing as always. He's sound more like Paul than James with that softer tone that's less yelling. I love him playing the bass. I'm pretty unfamiliar with the song he sang, but it made me want to rush and download it. I just love his pitch and tone. And I'm glad he's sticking with the more groomed look.

Pian Toscano: this is one of my favorite Tina Turner songs that she chose to sing tonight. Of course she looked amazing, and she sounded fantastic. Better than fantastic. I wasn't sure how she wold do with a song that required all this extra depth and if she'd still have the same voice control. But she had that and more. I never seen someone with so much stage presence who was standing almost completely still. Her grit was much more my preference than what Haley was doing this week. She's like Whitney + Mariah + Christina. Just amazing. I would buy every album of hers just to hear what else she would sing and how great it would sound.

Paul McDonald: He really has grown on me. He's not my choice for one of the top people, but I would be more than happy if he managed to win without my full-hearted support. Listening to him sing is really something, but watching him takes it over the top. I love his style (not his clothes) and his whole persona. His voice is so special and his stage presence is so effervescent. I couldn't ask for more. I just get excited when I watch him perform. He may pass by Casey in my heart if he keeps this up.

Great Performance, But I'm Not Convinced Yet
Lauren Alaina: I love her, I truly do. And I'm continually impressed by her ability to sing songs by women who are supposedly impossible to cover by the average singer. But I don't know that I can see her winning. She doesn't surprise me each week. This week was par for the course, and I want to see something new. I want her to take me to the next level. I know she's an amazing singer, but would I buy anything past her debut album, not if this is all she has to offer. I love her voice and style. If she tries something new next week, I'll be back to rooting for her to be a winner.

James Durbin: Just him singing in the intro video had me swooning. I was really looking forward to actually be able to hear him singing this week. I was all for this taking a chance and continuing to set himself apart from the other contestants. I've never been a huge fan of him for winner-potential, but that's only because I had forgotten how truly amazing his voice is. I love the vocal and emotional range he possesses. I am back on the Durbin Bandwagon. He keeps changing it up like this, and I'll be rooting for him to take it all.

Scotty McCreery: If it were up to me, he'd be making it to the end too. Just like with everyone else, I was looking to see more than what he has offered in the past. He did that this week. Still definitely country, but with this rock/gospel extra bit put into it. It was very enjoyable. He was so Elvis-y and I loved it. I hope he has was it takes to win over America singing only country music. I certainly hope so. But I'd love to see if he can do even more mainstream stuff and then I'll be picking him for final 3.

I Liked It, But I Didn't Love It
Stefano Langone: I agreed with the intro video that this song would sing him instead of the other way around if he wasn't careful. But as soon as he started singing, I wasn't worried. I mostly hated his phrasing, but I love his voice and really enjoyed the song. I can't really explain why, but I just didn't really connect with him this week. He'll get my vote, but not as many as before. I do love him, but I love others more. And at the end of the day, I just liked, I didn't love the song. On reality TV, all it takes is one non-perfect week and you're gone. Who knew phrasing could kill a whole song for me? And again, I'm by myself in saying anything other than complete praise. It happens. Well, not by myself. Randy usually agrees with my negativity.

I Change My Mind, I'm Not A Fan This Week
Haley Reinhart: What can I say, that gritty voice is wearing me down. I normally like when she intersperses it into songs. I know she was singing Janice Joplin this week, but damn, I felt I had cheese graters on my ears. It was painful. I liked it, I did. But I just can't.... deal with that yelling. I know yellers tend to do well in this competition and afterward, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson. But sigh. I just didn't like it. I know I'm alone it that, and that's okay.

I voted for: Jacob, Casey, Lauren, James, Scotty, Pia, Stefano, and Paul. Right now, I want the top three to be: Jacob, Casey, and Pia. If I had to rank them in order of who I thought was the worst to the best right now it would be:
9. Haley Reinhart
8. Stefano Langone
7. Scotty McCreery
6. Lauren Alaina
5. James Durbin
4. Paul McDonald
3. Casey Abrams
2. Pia Toascano
1. Jacob Lusk

I know that may be against the love folks might have for an individual performer or another, but I like my arrangement. I really love Stefano, but I'm thinking about whose album I would buy and really listen to. If they all made 9 albums, Pia and Jacob are the only ones I'd buy all 9 from.

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