Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Computer Issues and Other Issues

Before, I was quite sure that I was over PCs and ready to move on to the Mac and Apple products I have previously described as evil. To me, they are now the lesser of two evils. I wasn't able to use my computer the last couple of days because my computer wouldn't load. I had to post from my Blackberry. Anyone who lives in the wild 100s in Chicago who uses Sprint will tell you that was no easy task.

I wasn't able to spell check or anything. But I have returned to a point on my computer, somewhere in the past where it could actually boot up. I don't know where that point was, nothing seems to be missing... yet. But I hope to avoid such issues when I get a MacBook. That day will be here before the end of the year, hopefully. That explains why I didn't put up a post about Dancing With The Stars today.

Also, I was sick. I hate getting sick and I keep getting sick. I'm blaming my parents house and the fact that it's always cold here. Chicago is still in the 40s. WTF! It's the end of April, I don't understand. And while all the technology I know and love is either reliably or surprisingly, F-ing up, my Kindle decided to get in on the fun.

True to form, my warranty has passed and now the fun begins. There's some sort of electromagnetic disturbance on the screen. I'm hoping I can take it into Best Buy and they can fix it. If not, I'll have to depend on Amazon to fix it without demanding I purchase a new one. From what I've read on the website, resetting the screen is a relatively easy fix that shouldn't even require my warranty, but we shall see.

The point to the ranty post? Back up your shit! I have an external hard drive that I protect like it is offspring. On it, I have every vital everything for both my laptop and my Kindle. So it would take a crazy miracle and my laptop, Kindle, external hard drive, and BlackBerry would all have to fail at once for me to lose everything. If there was a fire, I wouldn't grab everything. Just the external hard drive.

There's one more point, get your own place where you control the temperature. I swear if I'm gone from this house for more than a week, I come back and immediately get sick. Chicago is literally making me sick. I can't wait until my life is on to the next phase. And despite the rage I'm sure this post conveys, I'm actually in a great mood. No one I wanted to stay got kicked off DWTS, and I finally figured out the perfect drug combo to make getting sick bearable if it's going to keep happening.

2 New Hypotheses:

If it makes you feel any better...I wrecked my second iPod in less than a year by dropping it into a (clean) toilet. :(


It makes me feel better, but only in a commiserating sort of way. It sucks when something goes wrong with your technology, but at least you know why yours went awry. Mine is just turning against me, pushing me into the arms of the nearest Apple store! Okay, my dramatic moment is over. For now.

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