Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Hate My Computer

Today is the first time I turned on my computer and it actually loaded up. Apparently it's issues come and go. They come and go and come and go. Now they're gone. I'm sure they'll be back soon. I can't wait until I can get my Macbook and not have to deal with this shit anymore.

Speaking of my ability to make new purchases, I still haven't heard from the amazing job I was hoping I'd get. I haven't lost hope yet. They called last week with a question about the contact information for one of my references. He was out of the office, so I gave them his cell phone number. That was one week ago. I can only hope there is still good news to come and I will hear from them soon.

I got my GRE scores in the mail finally. The scores are good but the percentages I was disappointed about. I did do well on the writing and I feel like I did well enough to get into graduate school. I'm pretty convinced I'll go for a master's in public health or health administration. I may still decide to take it again just to remove any doubt, but we'll see.

This is random and not really an update, but I feel really happy right now. I'm quite satisfied with my relationship with my family. I've been spending more time with my cousins and aunt and uncle and that was one of my goals if you remember back when I was doing a weekly update of how I was doing on my goals.

Also, my friends are great and awesome and all that. I have hope for the immediate improvement of my career situation.

I honestly haven't spent as much time on my hobbies as I would like, but I'm kind of taking an unofficial break until I sort out things with my schedule for work (fingers crossed!)

And of course, my love life is amazing. Couldn't be better. Easy is absolutely amazing. The best man I've ever known. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. Even if he did get drunk over the weekend and ruin the surprise he had planned for proposing this summer. I may or may not tell that story in a future post. But yeah, he's the best person I've ever dated. But enough gushing.

If my computer acts like it has sense more than two days in a row, I'll be posting tomorrow and putting up posts on my other blogs to without e-mail. Looking forward to catching up on reading every one's blogs too.

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