Monday, April 11, 2011

Flying On Planes

Having spent so much time on planes and in airports, I had time for people watching. I remember flying as a small child.

I got to meet the pilot and got those cute airline wings to pin to my shirt. I wonder if small children still get that experience. With all the "advances" in airport security, showing a family the cockpit might be no longer advisable.

But as I de-board the plane, I can't help but hope that family patiently waiting for everyone else to leave is also waiting to let that cute 5 year old meet the pilot.
CeCe Savage

2 New Hypotheses:

Flying for kids is hardly as much fun as it use to be. And kids are so use to everything these days.


They are, aren't they? I don't think I'd wish for recaptured innocence because I know that's impossible, but we've taken the whimsy out of life. No wonder these kids have no imagination.

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